Suzuki Kick Starter kit for Kawasaki KLX400?

I found a lot of posts about adding a kickstarter to an electric start KLX or DRZ, but couldn't find my specific question.

I just bought a Suzuki kick start kit for the DRZ400 "E" model. Will that kit work for my 2003 KLX400 "SR"? I understand that the decompression parts won't fit, but will the rest of the kit work? I guess I should've asked BEFORE I bought the kit, but better late than never, right? :lol:

It will fit fine, you don't need the de compression parts. They only work with the E head anyway.

I think you have a street leagal KLX like the S model DRZ.

The KLX 400 is the same bike as the DRZ 400, I think all the parts are interchangable.

It will work fine (without the decomp kit). Most of the time I don't use it anyway. IIRC your S has autodecompression built in to cams already. It is easy to kick over.

Like the others have said, you won't use the decomp parts, but the rest fit like they were made for it - as they were, since the KLX400 is nothing more than a DRZ with green plastic. Did an internet search on my VIN and it came back as Suzuki.

I put the same kick kit on my KLX400R last winter. I went ahead and put the decomp on since it helps these old legs. Comforting to have it when you're riding back in the mountains. :lol:

Thanks for the input - I just wanted to make sure before I started taking it apart.

I've never had an offroad bike without a kick starter, and I prefer my street bikes to have them as well. I was quite surprised when I noticed the SR didnt' have one, especially with the tiny battery it has. The electric start is really nice - when it works. I've never owned a motorcycle with any type of decompression, so I really won't miss it. Now to find the time to install the kit...

BTW - I found a kit on eBay for under $200, shipped. It was the cheapest I could find. Here's the link if anyone is interested.

Kicker Kit

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