Question for guys that have put zerks in their swingarms

Hope Im not running this subject into the ground but before I get the new parts to put the swingarm back together I'd like a little advide from some of the guys that have done this already on the best place on the swingarm/linkage to put zerks.

Is it better to put the zerks in the bolt ends (like I seen Taffy done on one of his pics) or is it better to put directly in the swingarm?

Does this comprimise the integrity of the swingarm?

If I dont feel 100% confident I can do this then unfortunatly I will probably just put it back together without zerks. :)

i put them in my swingarm but ended up taking them out and fill holes a few months later.the problem i had was having access to them with grease gun i put them on top half swingarm in front and they were just pain in butt to get seems like if i put them where they wouldnt inhibit travel of swingarm or linkage they were either impossible to get greasegun fitting on or they would get torn out while i was riding.i have never saw pictures of where taffy put his maybe he located them better than order for them to work properly they need to be in grease channel between inside and outside races so that doesnt leave very many options for location.i hope you have better luck than time i will drill bolts and put zercs on ends of them.

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What are ZERCS.? They sound like grease nipples but im not shore.

MO, I've sent you some pics, I put mine in the swingarm and they work fine one in the top and one in the bottom. Mike

Thanks Mike.

I look forward to seeing your pics and what you have done to your bike.

Just by looking at all the linkage bolts, they are all drilled out already so I would think all you would have to do is tap the hole with a zerk (or grease nipple) and then drill the holes on the shaft of the bolt where necessary.

I appreciate your help and Ill let you know how it turns out. Thanks!

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