There ought to be a law...

Against complete idiots being able to work on their own bikes.

My old man's XL600 had a bunch of weak bolts holes for the head cover and it started leaking some time ago...badly. Since we're getting into good riding weather, he started tearing it down so he could repair the threads. He just hasn't had the time to get back to it, so I decided to do all the disassembly/reassembly for him.

After I got the head up on the bench, I was reminded of what a horrible, disgusting, half-assed port job the previous owner tried to do on it. The best I can tell, they only went in from the carburetor side. On top of that, they must have used a high speed grinder with an aggressive burr, a limp wrist, and closed eyes because the middle of the port was like a washboard and most of it was on the short side radius. :lol: Seriously, I did better porting in high school.

Anyway, I popped the valves out and did a fairly quick "repair" on them. It's still not beautiful, but it's a damn sight better than before. I could have fixed the ports with some serious work and time, but my dad doesn't want it to be a fireball, just quick and reliable (even though it already has some kind of forged flattop piston).


The light was really harsh and made the ports look unfinished, but they really are quite smooth.

poor shortside never stood a chance.:lol:

No kidding. The ports aren't even the same size.

Well looks like you made lemonade out of lemons!

Thanks. :lol: His bike also has what I think are aftermarket springs and retainers.

I wouldn't mind spending a good four+ hours or so to really dress it up, but I might save that for the spare XL engine. That one is piece of work also(bad rod, questionable clutch basket & PP, kickstart shaft had been sawed off....and a film of silver-gray slime under the case covers).

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