jetting for vp u4.2

before you all start telling me i am wasting my money i want to get a few things out on the table......

1. yes the motor is stock

2. yes i am ok spending my money on the VP U4.2, its for a track day!

3. i am fully aware that i MAY NOT notice a big performance increase

4. I love each and every one of you for commenting on my adventure

so enough of that!

i am wanting to run some VP U4.2 through the ol DRz. I have a full system yosh rs3 3x3 mod re jetted with stock carb.

VP says that i can possibly run her with stock jetting

i am currently running the Eddie recommended jetting for the RS3 and 3x3 at sea level ( if i remember correctly its slightly rich)

am i good to just pour the VP in and go? or am i going to need to rejet?

have any of you ran U4.2 through your DRz's? if so, what did you think?

let me know! i plan on doing a ride report with U4.2 and pump gas on here in the next couple weeks when i go to the track!

dump it in and go.

you will notice the difference.

thanks eddie! im excited to give it a try!

400th post!!!!!!!

really? the diff is noticeable...can you quantify it ...very roughly...


1.5 to 2 hp just dumping it in the tank.

it is $15-17 a gallon.

it is $15-17 a gallon.

I wish... $23 a gal, in a 5 gal can.. 110L is $12 a gal in bulk from a 55gal drum.. And VP is made right here in TX :lol:

whoa,they are hitting you with $23 a gallon in TX?

its like crack.they know you want it.

whoa,they are hitting you with $23 a gallon in TX?

its like crack.they know you want it.

Just the local crap dealers. If I want to drive a bit I can get it ALOT cheaper. Kept telling myself I was going to get a drum, and sell offwhat I did not need..... just never made the trip or investment.... My rding time has been eratic to say the least.

To the OP.... pour and go with the 4.2 .. yes it's notacable... I mixed up cans once on our last 3 day trip.....110L in two cans for the play bikes, and 4.2 in one can, U4 in another. thought I had poured in some 110L so i could work out some starting issues.... but dumped 4.2 in... sort of a blind test :lol: Yes, you could feel the dfference.

i recently installed an FCR, should i still just dump it in and go? im going to the track tommorow and wed......

same deal.

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