Thoughts on a 07 vs. 08 sm610?

Looking to get onto my first Husky and I am going back and forth between saving 2 grand or so for a used 07 610, or buying the new 08 (or 09) 610 with fuel injection.

You guys thoughts?

As much as I like fuel injection, there is nothing wrong with a carbed bike when it is properly jetted and if I could save $2000.00 I would likely go that route.

my thought too.

i keep reading about headgasket problems with the 610, i assume thats the same on the 08?

my thought too.

i keep reading about headgasket problems with the 610, i assume thats the same on the 08?

I think thats a few isolated incidents not a wide spread problem. Any bike I get I always go over everything and hot torque all the engine bolts.

I have an `07 and it's the most fun bike I've ever had, street or dirt. I've had no issues with head gaskets or anything else.

Think of all the goodies you can buy for the `07 with the $2k you save:thumbsup:


fair enough. Guess I will go check it out tomarow.

My 07 tq's were all dead on. Halls said there was no warping either. They took .002 off head just truing things up and put back together so for know leaks. It did not start to leak tell I did track days with sport bikes that is 20-25 minutes at a time bouncing off riv limiter. The guy in st.louis has the same problem he has not fixed his yet out of warrantee. If you just ride around and not at full throttle you will probably be alright. But for sure even though they said the head was torqued right. I would if you get the bike hot a few times and then torque that head down for safety measure's. Good luck. My bike was bought in may this year fixed at 3700 miles. Has over 5000 miles now. I am also running the 13.1 piston with good results so for.

thoughts on price?

Bike im looking at has a leo vince exhaust, 1600 miles, a scratched headlight shroud (40-50 from the dealer) and the guy wants 5k.

Thats about what i payed for my 08. Decide if you want fuel injection or a carb and then look for a deal.

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