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Rebuilt Engine - Bogging Problem - KDX Hybrid

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I just got my bike back together. It's 2005 KDX200 hybrid. It has a srock carb, V-Force reeds, PC Platinum II pipe, RB head mod for pump gas and the jetting is one down on both the main and pilot (did the jetting a long time ago - can't remember what they are). I am at about 1000' and it is about 70 degrees now.

I just rebuilt it and had the cylinder re-plated and had RB do the head. I took it out to an empty field to try it out. When I just give it a little throttle it runs great and is very responsive. For example when I go from zero-to-1/4 throttle it is really responsive and powerful - amazing. When I go from 1/4-to-1/2 throttle it still runs very good. When I go from 1/2-to-full throttle it has good smooth power and response and really rips.

The problem is when I go from zero-to-full throttle in one twist of the grip it bogs really bad. It bogs so bad that it almost shuts down. It is so abrupt of a bog that it almost threw me over the bars the first time. It just ain't happening if I try to give it any more that 1/4 or 1/2 a twist. It didn't do this before.

When I'm in the right gear or even a gear too low (high revs) it is more accepting of a big roll of the throttle without bogging. If I am in a gear too high (low revs - lugging) and give it a big roll of the throttle it bogs really bad. It wasn't doing this before. I must be missing something.

I can tell it is gonna be a sweet running bike, but this bogging when I give it all the gas is puzzling me. Any ideas where I should start to fix it? Could it be all jetting? Does it sound like I put the KIPS together wrong?

edit: The little spring that holds the little ball against the KIPS gear is missing. Could that be it. Someone else told me that people sometimes remove the spring to adjust the power delivery.

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