Importing Laws from U.S to Canada

Hey there guys,

I was looking at getting a 2007 wr450 from the U.S. I plan on throwing a plate on it, and 'tarding the beast. Does anyone know when I have to bring it across the line, if it has to be registered as a street bike then? or can it be classified as an off-road unit, and re-registered at a later date. I dont want to have to get it provincially inspected, and have to worry about having a DOT headlight, signals etc. There will be a better headlight, and signals on the bike, but this is going to be a side project and used for commuting.

I tried calling ICBC and ROV but they could not give me a definitive answer.


I would think you would have to buy one that was already street registered.

Otherwise I'm pretty sure you will have to go through the inspection and I hear that's hell :lol:

Anyone with an up-to date Mechanics licence can do the inspection. So get a friend to do it or a local shop and give them a little extra $$$.

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