DRZ400 FCR39 Jetting

I just recieved my FCR39 from a fellow TTer :lol: . He also gave me the intake boot from an E model. I've searched the threads but can't find the proper jetting for sea level. I've done the 3x3 mod and have modified stock exhaust. Some help would be greatly appreciated.

I read one thread about removing the CE and running a 100 pilot air jet. I need to check on this because my FCR has the hole below the fuel inlet plugged.

Anything else I should know before i go ahead and do the install?

is it a E model fcr?

is it a E model fcr?

Yes, I was told it is an E model FCR.

if the CE has been removed and it still has a 45 pilot jet,it will indeed need a 100 pilot air jet.

160 main jet

200 main air jet

dxp needle

clip 5

45 pilot jet

100 pilot air jet

2 turns fuel screw

Sorry for stealing the thread but i have 90 pilot air jet ( couldn't find a 100.. ) , is it ok ? 160 main jet

200 main air jet


clip 3

45 pilot jet

90 pilot air jet

Sea level .

idle reacts correctly to the fuel screw is the key.

Thanks Eddie for the jetting specs. I'm going to check what's in it tonight and order what I need according to your recomendations.

What's the EMN vs DXP needle. One of these are stock, one aftermarket? Is it stamped on the needle? One is a superior needle?

The fella I bought it for said he had a needle he bought which was supposed to be better but never got around to putting it in. He couldn't find it and some extra jets when shipping but found it today and is putting it in the mail. I'll have to see what it is.

Thanks agian!!

Not sure I'm on the right page. I have a FCR cab installed 2 months ago but my DRZ 400 sm - 2008 model have difficulty starting the bike. Not sure the cab is the main caused for this hard starting. Can any kind soul enlightern me. Thks ronhan7282

start your own thread.

Do I have to remove the float bowl to access the pilot jet?

I thought I read i would be able to see it when I remove the large nut on the bottom but there is a plastic plate there in the way?

on the old style fcr you have to remove the bowl.

Thanks Eddie!

When I took the floatbowl off I was suprised to see one more jet than I expected. I'm a little stumped?


Jet on the left of the main is a 38, one on the right is a 65. Which of these is the pilot? What's the other one? My understanding is the 2 under the bell housing are the pilot air on the left and main air on the right.

A couple pics of the carb.



Other pic didn't go in last post.


38 is the pilot jet.65 is the starter jet.

38 is the pilot jet.65 is the starter jet.

So as previously stated, I should go 45 on the pilot. Is 65 right for the starter jet?

38 pilot jet works with a 75 pilto air jet.45 with a 100 pilot air jet.

65 is the correct starter jet.

On this style of a carb how do u adjust the float hight and how do u inspect

that its the correct one...and when is it apropiet to go and suspect that

thats the one responsible of ...symptom ?

Thanks again Eddie!! I am going tonight to see what jets I can get and will decide which of the suggested jetting combinations to go with.


38 pilot jet works with a 75 pilto air jet.45 with a 100 pilot air jet.

65 is the correct starter jet.

I can't find PAJ's for this carb anywhere around where I am.

Does TT sell them? If not where do I get one?

Thanks in advance.

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