Family Vacation Ideas

Hi All

For years the 'family' has been going to the Outer Banks in Late May - 24 of us - From Grama & Pappy all the way down to the toddlers - It IS fun BUT....We're looking for a NEW THING - this should be EASY to come up with...

All the guys ride and jetski. - some of the little kids ride too.

The girls like the skis and like when the guys go riding:banana:

We need a place with a lake (for the Skis) and trails (for the bikes, ATV, Trail Rail - maybe even a Jeep)

NO CAMPING - not kid / wife friendly enough

Maybe some nice cabins we can rent - play all day, sit by the fire and happy hour at night!!!

We come from PA, VA & MI and are not afraid to travel to the 'right' place.

Hatfield / McCoy is not an option - we do that every year and no water there.

SO.... Whaddaya say? any suggestions? What's YOUR favorite?



Raystown Lake is a kool place to jet ski..pretty sure there are some trails up that way...i know Breezewood Proving Grounds isnt too far from it.Not much in the way of trails there..mostly tracks but they do have a small loop.

Thanx for the reply, Pegged.

All of us are either in or from Altoona and just like Murph, we're getting bored with the local stuff and are looking for a new place to explore. Plus, this is a Family 'Event' and should involve much planning, expense and sacrifice to make it feel 'right'. Raystown is our 'back yard' & we spend lots of time there. If it had Trails & Water in one spot it would be PERFECT. We don't want to pack up and haul hardware from the lake to the trail or Visa Versa.

I know I'm asking for a lot but there HAS to be a place that offers both SOMEWHERE. I hear there is something in VA that might have potential but don't know the name.

Can I post this in other regions without breaking forum rules?? VA is not in this group and would like to get their input as well



Possibly the Kinzua / ANF area. Lotsa boating activity and ANF has a number of different atv trail systems. I'm not sure about cabins in that area.

North Carolina Motorsports Park. Check out there website ( maybe?). It's inland from the shore, for sure. Just inside the NC border (Henderson or Hendersonville...always forget which one). About 40 or 45 minutes north of Durham. They have a MX track, a practice track and a trail loop. I was there two years ago in April 2006 for my son's 16th birthday. They also had a special rate at the local Sleep Inn. Good people, nice fun.

Not sure if there are water sports areas near by, but I'm guessing that there must be.

How about Lake George, NY?

you can rent a house or A-Frame on the lake.. Some even have docking for your Jetski's and Boats.

Check out Suncastle resort. reasonably priced.

Thanx for the replys - I'll look at 'em tonite - Any More??

Well I dont know about jet skis, but we are to go to lost trails in the Poconos next week they have a trail system. It will be our first time there and we have dirt bikes, they have a quad rental but they go out in groups.

We will stay at the Pocono maner and you get a specail rate of 109/night for two. They said they have secure parking.

I have heard diff. stories of the hotel rooms but we will see. Actually my wife may do the atv thing with my youngest, that way I can ride with my older son for some time.

My wife was planning on a trip to D.C. or something, she mentioned to me to plan something so I ordered the room and after showing her maps and hotel info she has changed her mind. I am getting the trailer/equip. ready :lol:

I need to get a quad..

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