thoughts about Marzocchi suspesions

hello everyone,

i have just started working for the Aprilia dealership here in Peru and we just got the bikes in. i saw that the offroad bikes have Marzocchi forks. i know they make very good downhill suspension but dont know anything about their motorcycle suspension. has any of you ridden and/or worked on this forks? they look like WP forks on the inside.

the shocks are sachs, also no idea on its performance. thoughts?


Sach is as good as the KYB/SHOWA stuff. Forks are OK-Good. On par with WP in some parts, better in others.

thanks for the info 450exc115. have you ridden a bike with that suspension? would like to know how it feels....

I rod both Husky and GasGas bikes with marzooks and the Husky had a sachs shock.. Shocks are good/average while the forks are decent just simple open baths, don't know about there TC forks though..

i havent heard anything bad about their forks

Karl Prestwood(ex gp rider mc) did a lot of work with the mazzo forks, says they were at least equal if not better than a kyb/showa/wp fork, they are like a wp fork but with better piston design.

Yeah I guess i should also say I'm talking 00-03 marzooks as there latest offering could be better and I don't know any Husky owners that complain about suspension, mostly they complain about finding parts.

one always has to be very specific on what fork you are talking about.

Marzocchi does forks for a huge number of companies and they all vary, starting from no rebound and no compression adjusters to real fancy stuff.

btw, read a couple of days ago that Marzocchi now is US owned...

sorry i was talking about the latest mazzo Tcs.The ones on some euro bikes may not be this style, however only the wp open bath seems to gives tuners problems, i think any reasonable tuner could work on them and get decent performance.

thats the open bath, its is the latest open bath type (the shiver) and is available in 50mm versions as well i think.I looked over the mazzo website and it mentions both 45 and 50mm versions having a control bladder, but the manual has no mention of a bladder and the fork is clearly not a twin chamber, i think the website is a little misleading.

Looking over the 50mm version its a twin chamber type with a bladder, but the interesting part is where the bladder sits, it appears to be on the outside of the cartride and sits in the outer chamber,so is presurised by the airgap when the fork compresses, i cant be sure as the pictures are not great, but if so its a interesting way of doing things.

the 50mm version comes on the Merriman modified bike. we don´t have it here still. but for the 45mm i could probably use davej´s WP mods and oil, correct?

best mail dave direct as he might not read this thread.

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