Head light

Looking for a light I purchased one of these. Works on 4 or 2 st.


I was skeptical and expected a light that would fluctuate in brightness as engine speed changed.

Installed tonight and I'm very impressed. Haven't hit the trail yet but I'm pretty surprised at how bright it is.

Direct plug and play to KTM harness. The only item needed it a jumper wire on the stock harness in place of a bar mount switch.

The light comes with a push button on - off switch pre mounted on back near the top.


I heard about it here... Thanks !

Wait, so how do I know if I have a 2-K3 stator? My 05 525 smr doesn't currently have a battery, headlight, or anything. Will this work?

is it a glass or plastic lens?

It seems like some sort of polycarb material. It also has a 'DOT' logo on bottom.

good, afraid of the glass off road

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