2000 Cr125

Im going to look at one on thursday, picking up a second bike for my old man to ride. He currently rides an xr250, so he should like it a little better.

But anyway, the price is 1600 bucks, which i think is a smoking deal!

So is there anything about this model year to look out for?

Good all around bike?

Guy siad it had a fresh top end in july, and only rides with his son, which is on a 50.

I bought a 2001 cr125 for $400 that had been blown up. Turned it into a "134" big bore with new crank and gaskets/seals. Did some porting of cylinder and cases (matching) cut off the intake side of the cylinder spigot and spaced the powervalve with a 7mm. dowel. Milled head for 1mm clearance to piston after using 2 base gaskets to raise all ports clearanced the powervalve to piston and proceeded to beat a couple of 250f's in several drag races! I do all my own work so that was cheap. Got ALL the parts off ebay cheap . Sold it for $1600 with nice OEM plastic again from ebay. This was 2 years ago. It was a great handling bike and very light. Stock the motors are a little mild but work well for offroad or play riding. Maybe try to talk the seller down? Resale on a 9 year old 125 is pretty low these days. No real problems with these bikes. They have low compression so they kick over real easy. Have fun.

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