'08 TE610 - FAAST bars anyone?

Anyone running the FAAST bars on their TE?

If so...thoughts?

Where did you pick them up at?

trying to farkle out my bike....so figured I ask...





Not a TE, but I run them on my '02 WR125. I've had a few wrist injuries over the years and run the blue (softest) elastomers. I also have the BRP hand guard mounts. I don't ride my TE610E quite as hard as the 125, so I haven't tried them on it yet. Nice bars! I got mine through a guy who sells race quad parts. Quad racers love them.


Are you talking about the Flexx bars?

I put them on my 08 TE 450, but took them off in favor of the stock Tomaselli's. I like the sweep on the stock bars better plus the TE's plush suspension is really great for my fat @$$, which negates all the reasons for having the Flexx bars. Also, I didn't want to add more weight to my bike.


Now on my CR 250, they made all the difference in the world because the suspension was not woods friendly...too stiff/harsh!

My personal fav bar is the Pastrana Pro Taper Freestyle, Im pretty tall and unless you go to an ATV bar, they have the tallest rise of any, so with the bar and the Fastway adjustable pegs...I can set up bikes pretty sweet for my ape arms and legs....


Just realized that my favorite handguard system, Fastways, will NOT fit on the 08 TE610.



so I opening all options for bars possibly as well as handguards...

if nothing else, I may stay with the Pastrana pro-tapers I have, and go to the CYCRA tripple clamp mounts for guards....





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