2005 KX250 Stock Pipe Question

Does anyone know if the stock 2005 KX250 exhaust pipe is single walled? Some of the KDX pipes have a built in metal mesh / sound-dampening thing. I am guessing the KX pipe is made without that. Does anyone know? What about an FMF Gnarly pipe (or other aftermarket pipe)?

I am planning on cleaning the insides and am trying to figure out if that is a factor.

Thank you.

Yes it's single walled, not too hard to smash I can say that from experience. The FMF Gnarly is made out of heavy 18 gauge metal, the Fatty is made from 19 and it definitely is more dent resistant than the stocker. I'm not that crazy about the power of the Fatty though, probably going to pop for a Gnarly next year.

OK: I can't seem to figure out the multi-quote so here's my version:

KDX: I'm shocked you don't know the answer! You da man usually! The KX stock and aftermarket pipes are single walled. Stock has the strength of wet paper, Fatty has the strength of three pieces of wet paper, and finally, Gnarly has the strength of about 5-6 wet pieces of paper.

I estimate one may concede my analogy as obtuse, but basicly I do believe it holds H2O!

All kidding aside, the Gnarly is much more trail worthy then the stock. Of course, this is not what you asked.

KX02, thanks for the reply. Cleaning the insides of pipes is on the HUGE winter down time project list. I have several that could use a cleaning, so I need to streamline my plan before I get started.

For the sake of information exchange, I dented my stock 2005 KX250 pipe. I was not running a pipe guard. I came to the edge of a 50'+ cliff, with a sharp right hand turn away from death. I choked, stalled it and layed it over on a rock that was flat for four feet and angled down and away, making for a perfect pipe denter. The front tire slid out, then I heard the thud of "the dent"

I have an FMF Gnarly, but I have not used it yet. I have only run the stock pipe, so far. It has more power than I can handle.

gixxer__76, thanks for the compliment. I try. :lol:

Expanding on my "posted after you made your post" comment of having several pipes I could clean, "several" = 16. Therefore, I am really trying to get it all streamlined before I get started. I must have more projects than the city of Chicago. For some time now, I have had a crazy idea in my head that I would rather ride than wrench. :p

The stock pipe for the 1989 - 1994 KDX200 has a double wall, with some sort of metal packing inside it, as best I remember. The pipe can be cut open and the double wall and packing portions removed to increase power. I have not done it myself, but I have seen pictures from people who did the modification. It made me wonder about the stock pipe on my 2005 KX250.

On the multi-quote, I usually just end up typing the [quote} and [/quote} parts around how I want to quote sections. I misspelled the last bracket on each so it wouldn't quote.

Thanks for the comment on the Gnarly. I am always up for more conversation on these lime green bikes! Well, not so much on the threads that are basically "I paid $500 for this lime green POS, and it doesn't work perfectly! No, I don't have a manual (and unless someone tells me where to steal / download one, I never will have one). Yes, I want you all to spoon feed me by walking me through every procedure (with pictures) and DO IT now!". Otherwise, any thread is a chance not only for the origianl poster to learn, but also for me to learn.

Which year model is your KX? I have seen many of your posts, but without seeing it in the signature, or searching old posts of yours, I can't remember which year exactly. I want to say 2006. Is that correct? Thanks!

I have an 07 currently. My last was an 02. I haven't been a dirt guru for long: I rode dirt as a kid, moved to street, then to roadracing and now I'm back to the dirt. I didn't know where I'd find my home so I bought a bike that could do anything I chose and ended up with an 02 KX250. I've become quite happy in the nasty single track of the British Columbia lower mainland. We have some pretty nasty stuff here thanks to a dedicated group of trail builders. I bow to thy builders!!!!!

What a wicked bike! I just bought the 07 (my current ride) because I figured I owed it to myself to finally own a new dirtbike. It was the last year of smoker available in Canada to it was an easy choice.

I was just giving ya the gears bud. I enjoy reading your posts. I just took a low blow when the door opened up wide!!!!

For the Gnarly: I would not replace my stock pipe for it if it was still usable. If you wreck it and are a trai rider, yup: Gnarly. I still don't have a guard and the Gnarly still looks good. Some tiny dimples but nothing harsh.

The performance difference is not worth the cash unless you need a new pipe anyway.

Thanks for letting me know which year model you had. I now remember you mentioning the '02 and '07 in the current thread where someone is asking about differences between an '03 and an '06.

Congratulations on having some great trails to ride on. That is always nice.

I didn't think you were making a joke on me, so no problem at all, there.

I don't get to ride too much, so I have enough time to swap out some parts to make the bike more MX track friendly or trail friendly, depending on where I am going riding. It wouldn't hurt my feelings to have an '07 in addition to my '05, then just set up one for the trails and one for the track.

Like most of the other ka-jillion parts I have, I bought the Gnarly off eBay. It was used. It was one of those auctions where one says, "I will bid this much. If I win it, then fine. If I lose it, then fine. I am only going to bid this much."

I have only run the stock pipe, so far. It has more power than I can handle.

yeah, that's why I put a Gnarly on! it has more bottom and slightly less top, overall it's more manageable :lol:

A friend of mine had a RMX and he cut the pipe open and it had what looked like window screen tack welded to the inside of the pipe. BTW I use the plug and air pressure with heat to remove dents.


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