06 rmz250 suspension

hey i was wondering where you guys have your stock suspension on your 06 rmz's i waigh 150 pounds aand i have it all the way up and it doesnt feel right should i try to soften it? i had it medium and it didnt feel right either. tell me what you think.

Those are way to general of questions your not even saying exactly what is wrong. First things first set all of your clickers to the stock positions. Now set your sag at a starting point of 100mm with you geared up and ready to ride. Then set your forks at the recommended height from the factory. Now that you have all that done take the bike out and ride it and then come back and tell us what you don't like and why. Also have any of your bearings been greased lately. As old as your bike is if the suspension bearing haven't been greased lately it can really affect how the bike feels.

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