2002 ttr 225 PROs and Cons

I am looking at a clean 2002 TTR 225 for my 13 yrld son 5' 9" 180# he has out grown

His DRZ 125 would this be a good choice for $1300.

FWIW we are also looking at a KLX 300 also a 2002 for $1400

go 4 the KLX,imo.

ttr225 look good on paper, but from experience rn't. ttr230 better or crf230 better yet. check other tt threads on the ttr225 pros and cons for more opinions, but in a nutshell, ttr225, low seat height, heavy, heavy(no typo), no aftermarket, cheap, reliable, low gearing, soft suspension, expensive replacement parts.

how does he handle ur kdx?

He is just a bit short for it and has never got it on the pipe

yea, the "transition height" is a major issue for most. if he's just a bit short, average rider, then the KLX is the best choice imo. if skills are an issue, then the 230's, as transitional step.

I do not want to rush in to a bike to big or get into another bike he will outgrow in 6 months

get him a crf150r that ill fit him good

what kind of riding do you guys do

Trails little bit woods and play on a makeshift mx track

so no ttr or klx300 ... hows the KDX200 4 the son working out? Can u keep up?:worthy:

He is doing fine I am going to lower it about 1" and yes I can keep up.

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