My 06's Chain is...

needing constant adjustment. I adjust with no load on (bike that is) and it just moves! If the latest adj. was to tighten, I'll ride a while then it goes stupid tight. I'll loosen, ride then it goes too loose. 2nd chain, not factory. Both have had this prob. What's the fix?

are you torqueing (sp?) it?

No. I just loosen the axle nut with a 24mm socket then do the adjustment with box wrenches making sure to over-loosen so I'll be tightening to desired tension. Then, crank down the axle nut with no torque spec. Just by feel.

are you using a quality chain?

No. $25 job but factory one did the same thing.

you must make sure that both the lock nuts on the adjusters are tight and the axle is torqued properly. without both of these the power, even of just a 250, can make the axle move...

quick and easy way to check this is with a paint pen. Put a mark on the adjuster locknuts/swingarm and a mark on the axle nut/swingarm.

I don't think I have ever heard of a chain both loosening AND tightening. They normally go loose with wear.

The only way it should get tighter is 1. axles moves or 2. there are kinks in the chain (binding). try the slippage marks, post back with your findings.

Their is one thing that you dident mention............ Are you taking a wrench and running it threw the spot where the chain and sproket meet? What i mean is run the wrench about to 1 oclock this holds the rim and tire from moving backward by taking up all the slack and moving everything in tight when you tighten the axel nut.

You mean on the top side? I've seen a friend do that.



The wrench in the sproket might help make sure it doesn't move as the nuts are tightened, but I presume you're making sure it is in the right place AFTER the nuts are tightened and then it is moving to and fro once you ride it. The nuts are supposed to be real tight.

I suggest getting a torque wrench. They aren't cheap, but I use mine all the time. I actually have 2, one has much heavier settings than the other, but they overlap in the middle ranges. Got em from Sears.

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