MTN. HOME MX needs your help

:lol: Anyone and everyone please call Toby Linville at Hend. co. and express how disapointed you are that track is closed and how much you want it open. C'mon guys spread the word and let your voices be heard.the number is (828) 697-4857.

what is the deal? is it closed until the hearing?

I'll call today.

why was it closed again. what happened to get the permit revoked.

I talked to a lady at the Henderson Co. zoning office today cuz Toby Linville is out of town and she explained the reason for the shut down was infractions of the time schedule he's supposed to conform to. Seems bikes were allowed to run past the closing time and also on off days.

However as a buddie of mine explained, his limitations are only about when he can operate as a business, not ride there with his friends...after all it is his property and he should be able to do whatever whenever if it doesn't fall under a special use condition as a profit making business.

Then I just happen to run into the tracks dozer operator at a jobsite today and he explains the situation with the property owner next to Mtn Home who runs his rather loud 4wheeler into the evening hours and the surrounding neighbors of course can't distinquish his sound from those they think are coming from the track.

I also got the feeling talking to all these people that the track will stay closed until the hearing but I can't say for sure. So all you TT-ers out there please try and make it to the hearing and show some support for Andy and his track.

That is all. :lol:

is there no way that he can just close it to the the public and make it a private track or even just close it all together and just let people ride there as friends of his that way the zoning dept cant tell him what to do...he could just take donations...I dunno the rules to this crap...Its just aother way the government screws us and just proves that the land we own doesnt mean anything cause we never really own it...

is the track open or what?

yes, zoning is often a total scam. when there is no legal basis to control a person by any other means, zoning gets the nod.

pay your taxes and like it!!

do you have any idea when it might open?

I can't get off work to attend the hearing. Can someone give an update on the outcome when possible?

I just thought I would include this in this thread. It came from Mtn. Home's Myspace page.

I will be at the hearing. I hope many other riders will do the same and come support the cause. I hate that it was so difficult to re-open and fulfill all requirements, i.e. fence, dust control, etc. and then quickly shut back down again.

Recently, The Mountain Home Motocross Track was shut down because of a few people in the neighborhood not wanting us to make "so much noise"... well about that....

On Novemeber 19th, @ 4:00 PM there will be a hearing to have the track reopened. Please, come out, and stand behind Andy as he brings us back our "Home Track".

Andy has done a lot to bring this track back to full swing, and we aren't going to let a "few" people bring us down again! We are going to win this fight, but we need you behind us, to help make sure that this closing ISN'T permanent.

The Hearing is scheduled at the County Commissioners Office, located at 100 N. King St. Hendersonville, NC 28791. The Hearing is at 4:00 pm, be sharp, be early, dress......well.....professionally. (if you can) Let's show this town, that they can't shut us down!!!!

Thanks, So Much...

Liz, Ashley, and Austin Talsky

any questions, call Ashley 828-808-0085 ( he will fill you in )

This is in two days peeps, be sure to be there and support our local track.

I could not make the hearing, I was in Charlotte all day. Does anyone have an update?

I could not make the hearing, I was in Charlotte all day. Does anyone have an update?

Unfortunately yes.....the commissioners are standing by the revoked permit due to violations on the owners part. I was there and what started out looking good for Andy, turned ugly towards the end and they voted 3 to 2 to keep him closed. It sucked.

ugggghh....W T F

Does anyone have any clue when it might reopen is it gonna be anytime soon?

Could be a while...Since the license was revoked. Andy has to go throught the process of reapplying...The Asst. Attorney ,representing the county,could not answer, when Andy could reapply..


and the aplication can be denied for any reason. I would not hold my breath on this one, it could be another 3 years. I sure wish it had not closed down, I have sh*t for riding spots these days (hardly any I mean) and mountain home was one of my favorite

If he gets his permit again he needs to have a cut off time at least 30 minutes before the county says he should stop and make sure it's enforced too. I'm surprised he didn't have something like that in place this time as hard as he worked to re-open.

true, he probably did not realize that he was under the microscope

The noise "Cop" and the asst representitive for the county wanted it closed!


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