Hey everybody, I stopped by my dealer today and they were just unloading it off the truck, I hung around and supervised while they took it out of the crate and put it together. I then rode it around the parking lot, no kidding. This is in Utah, he just got one but said another one is coming in two wks. Here's my take on it so far: its so damm good looking I'am going to hate to get it dirty, it starts like a dream, just touch the button for half a second and its idleing, the seat height seems lower than the YZ and the seat feels softer, I got it up to third in the parking lot, the power is very smooth and its got a lot of bottom end. I took the baffle out of the exhaust which still leaves a spark arrester inside. the sound is just nice, just a good throaty rumble, I don't know if I'll even get a after market exhuast. It does not have a alum. kick stand, its steel. The only thing I don't like about it is the rear fender, the way the tailight humps up on top of the fender makes it so high, its hard to get a leg over it. The dealer is going to make it street legal, so I left it there and will pick it up thursday, for those who don't know, the tailight already has the brakelight and tailight bulb in it, and the headlight should have the high and low beam, if its like the old one's. So there you have it, any questions? Also don't listen to that alabama rider, I think he works for a KTM dealer or something or he just likes dwelling on the negitive.


Congrats on your new ride! BTW... What part of Utah are you in?


Congrats! I brand new baby WR450. Cigars for everyone. Should be one sweet bike. I live in Lehi. Anytime you want to go riding, I'd love to see that bike.

I just stopped by the Yami dealer by my office. They have new WR450's on the showroom floor. The sales guy said they got them in last week. Sweet bike!

Their finally starting to arrive, my buddys is supposed to be here in two weeks. I've already ordered some goodies for it, I'am putting on a YZ rear fender then putting a tail light under it like a KTM, cause I don't like the stock one, plus it will make it easier to mount a license plate. Got frame guards coming (don't want to scratch that beauty). putting on PRO Tapers & hand guards, and I'am thinking of a larger gas tank when they come out, How many miles you guys getting out of a tank on your YZ 450's?. I live in Centerville, so its only a couple of blocks to the mountains, thats why I want it street legal. I'am 56 and can't seem to get rid of this dirt bike bug, I pick it up tomorrow, thursday, and I'am so excited I'am just like a kid getting his first one, and I've had a lot of them.

where are you getting your frame gaurds from ? i didnt think any body had them out yet.

Congrats man....

Thats going to be one sweet ride.



yamaharich, Does the certificate of origin have "not intended for street use" or any other such wording on it? Such creates major street license problems here. Have you had a chance to weigh it? How well does it handle the tight stuff?

SWEET, I was hoping the spark arrestor didn't come out with baffle. I won't be able to spring for a new exhaust for a while, so I'll use the stocker uncorked.

Does anybody know if the 426 top triple clamp will work on the WR450? I hate to have to buy a new one of those.


From what I have been told and looking at the yz450 the triple Clamp will definitely fit the 450

How many miles out of a YZ450 1.8 gal tank? Probably around 45 miles when riding hard.



If you do plan on going with an aftermarket tank, I would be willing to buy your WR's stock tank if it would fit on my '03 YZ.


The spark arrestor does not come out with the baffle, it remains inside, thats why I said I'll probably keep the stock exhaust depending on how it performs. In Utah even if the certificate of origin says different, as long as it pass's inspection you can licensing it. We require a high beam low beam, a brake light, a horn, a mirror and street legal knobbies.

Blackie, I'll keep the gas tank in mind, I think it will fit, your tank seems a little lower at the seat, but all that would do is raise the front of your seat a little. I'am wating to see what Clarke and IMS come out with, I don;t want some big thing that hangs down over the motor, but I would'nt mind a three gallon if they make it.

Oh I forgot to mention the frame guards, I got the Acerbis guards for last years WR426, Me and the parts guy think they might fit, I know the frames different, but were thinking it might be the same down by the foot pegs. I am picking up the bike at 2:00 today so I'll let you know.

Congrats on the new WR. What did you use for a horn? I am still trying to figure out what to use. I have considered putting on a squeeze bulb type bicycle horn just to get through the inspection process, but if there is a better more permanent solution I'd like to know about it.

Thanks. Don't get that thing muddy this weekend!

I have used 3 horns. First a black metal wired in horn from Baja about $9. It didn't work well at all. Then I used the same type silver PN 44-0032 $9 from A H MacLaughlins. This worked pretty good. The last one was a 9 volt Mega Horn $30 From Baja. No wiring required. Louder than the others and strange sounding but I think it does the best job.

To make it street legal, how is the dealer actuating the brake light while leaving the running light on ? My dealer installed a hydraulic switch on the rear brake compressor for my 02' WR, but the whole assembly for 03'is now sealed. Any ideas ? Getting my 03' WR Saturday.

Congrats!! I wish I waited for the new models but oh well. I really like my 02'. There are so many people from Utah on this forum. I need to hook up with some of you guys and ride.

My email address is: and my cell is 330-7886...............db

This is a problem I have been most concerned with. The pics of WR 450's look like there isn't a banjo bolt anywhere in the rear brake system. Is this true? If it is then there are (3) options, a mechanical switch (they suck), or pull the system off and replace it with a 426 unit, or pull the system off and add a fitting into the line that would accept a banjo bolt (this can be done I think but it will be a big job. Someone will come up with a fix but it may take a while.

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