Newer KXF/KX fender on KLX pics

I was reading a post and someone mentioned that the front fenders from the new kx125/250 and kxf250/450's will fit on a klx so i decided to give it a shot and buy a new front fender. I bought the UFO replacement fender for 05-08 kx & kxf's in kawasaki green. I got it from thumpertalk and it was only around $25. I think it looks much better than the stock fender. The color isn't 100% the same as my 99 klx, but i'm sure that's in part that my plastic is old and has been in the sun a while. It is very close and you can't tell in person unless you really look.

I ran into a couple very minor problems though. first, the holes in the ufo fender were a little small for the metal inserts from the stock fender. I drilled them out a hair in 30 seconds though. second, when the fender is flat against the lower clamp, the rear portion of the fender rubs on the frame. This was solved by stacking a washer between the fender and clamp on the rear 2 bolts only, to tilt the fender forward a tiny bit. problems solved!

here is a before pic


and after!



UFO's part number is:


TT store part number is:


I run the KX Cycra front fender and you also have to "clean out" the holes a little and add a couple of washers to the back.

I have the same UFO front fender, it makes the bike looks cooler and more aggressive. But there is a problem.

Mud and water splatters in front of me. Maybe the angle isn't correct and mud isn't stopped by the fender and then it comes in front of me into the air and finally to my headlight or even me. Maybe, if spacers are used to lower the fender a bit it might get better.

Also with this fender i get less vibration on high speeds 80-90 mph.

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