tree trunk calves need boots

I am a female rider from Montana who has tree trunk calves. With my knee pads on I have about a 21 inch diameter calf. Is there any boots you know of with large calf diameters other than Sidi? I have tried Alpinestars (not the Stellas), Fox, Gaerne and AXOs. Thanks, Julie

Have you tried the new girls Fox Comp 5 boot? I had surgery on both my lower legs, so I had trouble wearing boots. I just checked out the Comp 5 and they are much wider around the calf. I know some people on here don't like them because they are actually made for 'beginner riders' and have a little less support, but anything is better than nothing. The guy at the cycle store suggested Alpinestar, I forget the model, but they only come in mens sizes so they were too big. Happy shopping, good luck.

I am a male rider, but I have large calves also. I found the Alpinestars fit me -- but of course they are a men's sized boot. Have you thought about wearing a man's boot?

Sidi Crossfires are the best I can find. I've tried on lots and lots of different brands--Gaerne, Axo, No Fear, Fox, Scott, etc.

The only other thing that fit OK were my old Alpinestar Tech 6's, with a longer 3rd (second from the top) strap.

Thanks for the input. I have always worn men's boots. Maybe I look into the ladies. I have had an ankle dislocation but I don't have any swelling issues related to that. Anyone else with ideas. Thanks again.

My wife has huge calves (sorry honey) and the only boots we found that will fi are womens Tech 6.

I posted this in another thread but it applies here too. I tried every style they had in mens/womens/kids. As you can see from the pics the Fox are significantly wider around the calf.



Best thing to do is try as many as possible, what works for 1 might not for the next. Just wanted to add my opinion as I have to sacrifice some protection for fit due to surgery/injury, but a bad fit offers less protection also, and no boots (like I've ridden for the past 2 years) is even worse.

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