P90X... Good for motocross?

I did a search on this, and really couldnt find the answers I was looking for. For this next season of motocross, I want to loose some weight, and get my muscles toned really well. A friend of mine bought this P90X workout thing. Its a DVD set, workout for an hour a day, for 3 months. He and his family stuck with it, and the transformation they all made was nothing short of astonishing. I was very impressed. Would you guys recommend this workout for training off the bike? To do what I want to do? Im concerned with building too much muscle, then that makeing riding motocross that much harder. I've heard, and read in multiple places that too much muscle is a big enemy. I've learned that lighter weights, with more reps are the way to go. And it works for me. So what do you guys think about P90X for motocross?

By the way if there is a specific thread for this workout, and motocross, please direct me to it. As I could not find it. But thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to hearing your responses.

I have this work out I just started about 2 weeks ago. I would highly recommend it. Its a kick ass work out. You could do the classic to get big or the lean to drop alot of weight.

I've heard amazing things about the P90X workout system. It's even challenging for those who are already in great shape. I think it would help your riding tremendously.

That or I would recommend crossfit. It is free and constanly changing workouts.

That or I would recommend crossfit. It is free and constanly changing workouts.

+1 on crossfit. My understanding of the P90X system is that it is more of a vanity workout than a sports workout. I have not used it, this is just second hand from people I trust regarding exercise and fitness.

Crossfit is completely dedicated to improving athletic performance and nothing else. And works incredibly well, it improves strength, power, cardio, flexibility, balance and coordination like nothing else I have seen.


My thing about P90X is after you do it for 90 days then what. Do it over again?

a vanity workout? Kind of a dumb statement. Either it gets you in better shape than you are in now or it doesn't. It will definitely get you in shape and certainly will not hurt your ability to ride a dirtbike. I use it as a supplement to my gym workouts. I'm in pretty good shape, 43 yrs, 15% body fat. Several friends who consider themselves in good shape have tried them and gotten the butts kicked.

a vanity workout? Kind of a dumb statement.

There are workouts designed to make you look good and workouts designed to make you perform better as an athlete. I never said that P90X workouts were easy to do, just that crossfit will make you a better athlete than P90X.


My thing about P90X is after you do it for 90 days then what. Do it over again?

If you get the results you want, you can go to the next level or just cut the individual workouts to 1/2 of the time to keep the same level.

This may suit some people fine or then maybe crossfit would be a new workout to try. I've looked a crossfit and I am not that intense or inclined to commit to an athletic performance level at this stage in my life. But that's just my 2 cents.

There are several types of workouts and types of workout people on this board so there will be responses in a few different directions. It's all in how much time you want to invest (and money) to achieve a level of fitness that suits yourself. Either way a person chooses, I've found that the weekly time investment is somewhere around 9-12 hours not including moto time to reach a significantly increased fitness level for average people like myself. It also takes about 3 months to return to average fitness and to get re-motivated to get back after it again.

I'm doing P90X right now and it fits my schedule and lifestyle. To answer the guy's question, P90X is good for moto once you get over the initial muscle soreness stuff, typically after the first couple of weeks.

Any program that teaches you how and when to eat is invaluable in my opinion. YMMV.

I'm doing P90X right now and it fits my schedule and lifestyle.

This is a fair point. Whether P90X or Crossfit or whatever is the most optimal program doesn't matter as much as if you will be able to stick with one over the other. The most effective program is the one you will USE. Anything is better than nothing and getting 80% of the results from a less optimal program that you actually use beats getting 0% of the results from a perfect program that you don't use.


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