2002 XR200 Crankcase interchangeability

I bought a problem...a 2002 XR200 that had a bent shift shaft and some major timing chain work. During the engine teardown, I realized that the bent shift shaft made the hole (where it exits) in the left crankcase oblong. It also popped out the seal. It appears that I will need to replace the crankcase. Does anyone know if there are any interchangeable crankcases out there so I don't have to buy something new?

Also, can I get some feedback on if I actually need to replace the crankcase? The hole appears to be oblong on only the first half of the exit hole. The hole appears to be fine on the inside of the crankcase. Since I have the engine taken apart, I would rather take care of it now, instead of have problems later. Thanks

i am not sure how the older xr200r cases differ, they look identical, you should be able to use a case from a crf230f, but this may be costly.

if it was me, i would take a look at some of the chinese copies and maybe take you case with you to a breakers/dealer and have a good look.

you may also be able to get the cases filled and machined to fit the new seal.

most of mine leak slightly from there.

All 86-02 cases are interchangable and can be found on e-bay quite often. And the 230F cases are different, at least in the USA models. 'nutcase

Cases are different. You want to find a 94 (engine # 5705049 on) - 02 case. Change in the right main bearing at this point. Early had press fit bearing onto crank , and slip fit into case. Late (as you need) had press fit into case, and slip fit onto crank.

Old School Al

I want to Thank everyone who responded!! You guys are a wealth of information and it is very much appreciated!!:lol:

Thanks Al for setting me straight! 'nutcase

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