Anyone out there in Utah?

I'm looking for people to ride with... and to find new riding areas. I have a KTM 520 :D and have done most of my riding out past Cedar Fort at 5 mile pass. I'm a solid intermediate rider. Steep hills and windy trails are great fun :) !


I am also in UT and spend too much of my riding time at 5-Mile Pass. If you are looking to ride send me an e-mail at I would like to find some trails up in the hills and get away from the desert until it cools down.


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5 mile is fun for about half a day but the mountain single track is where you should be riding this time of year. There are great trails up A.F. Canyon. You can park at TibbleFork and ride from there. Also good riding up Hobblecreek Canyon, Diamond Fork and Payson Canyon (Nebo loop rd.) Let me know if you want to go one afternoon or weekend.


Chris, I'm trying to pull together some people to go riding up AF canyon this Saturday. So far no takers. If you're interested - or if you have some other favorite trails, I'd be willing to go for a ride. Send a message to my PM.


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