Sidewinder Sprockets

Ordered the Sidewinder Titanium II rear sprocket for the DR.. Should be the last sprocket I ever have to buy since it has a lifetime warranty. Also grabbed the matching front sprocket but in a 16t and matching 10,000lb chain. I took a photo of the new sprocket left and a comparable stock type sprocket from JT. I plan to install the sprockets/chain later in the week.

Have not had a chance to weigh the Ti sprocket but it's noticeably lighter.


I think there was a mix-up here. The sprocket you show is a Tri Metal which doesn't have a lifetime guarantee. Only the Titanium IIs do, which look like this: Picture1a3.gif

PS: I am using a similar 2 piece (aluminum center and steel teeth) sprocket on mine, made by Supersprox, the "Stealth" model. Got it off a KTM Rallye Replica, I figure if thats what they put on a $40k bike it must be good.


Good catch because I paid for the good stuff.

I will call them tomorrow..

Do you by chance have the part numbers for your sprockets?

Glad I could help out. Unfortunately I don't have any part numbers as I just took the sprocket off my friends Rallye when he switched gearing. But they would be useless to you anyway as I am using a KTM rear wheel which has a different bolt circle.

I spoke with Sidewinder today and turns out I do have the correct stuff. They make different sprockets for various applications and I do have the Titanium but the it's the outer ring that's titanium alloy. The inner ring is a tri-metal and actually lighter than a full titanium sprocket as told by Sidewinder.

In fact none of their sprockets are full titanium, all are titanium alloy.

The front sprocket is titanium coated.

Anyway they were very nice and helpful and I feel better that this was cleared up.


i had a sidewinder sprocket on my yz for at least 3 years and it looked brand new when i sold the bike... they are sweet in my book

what about the chain how does

that wear??

Both of those sprockets look beautiful I hope they workout.

hey Lucas...really like those wp bout some info????

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