CRF230L-mount a Scotts steering stabilizer on stock triple clamp with fat bars?

I am at a dead end. Nobody makes a triple clamp for for the CRF230L yet and I doubt they will as it has the ignition switch built into it along with an anti steering stem lock built into that switch. I have already talked to Scott's, they only have a universal set up for the stock bike and they say the arm that welds to the frame will be too tall if I did try and make that work. You want fat bars - then no dice on the stabilizers. I have already bought and installed the bars, adapters, and hand guards and I just don't want to go back to a 7/8" bar as I love this set up, its perfect in height and love the looks.

Here is the problem, the adapters make the distance between the bolts either too close or too far away for any top mount i can find on the internet made by anyone. At their closest position they are 74 mm apart as shown in picture, at the farthest apart they are 125 mm. Standard 40 mm the other way. I think my only choice to have a machine shop make me a piece but its not going to be cheap, unless i make several and sell them on ebay or something to reclaim some costs. Any ideas out there? I have looked at these, but none fit:









I've runned a stabilizer on every dirt bike I've owned...but I can tell you point blank that the CRF230 DOES NOT NEED ONE. I've even gone WFO in 6th for close to 5 min chasing down two lead riders on a 450x and a wr426, and this bike got the job done in stock form. I've hit rock gardens and hidden roots & edges at crazy speeds, and the suspension was the bigger weak link than not being able to keep the bike stable.

But if you must have a stabilizer, the only one that I see working for what you already have installed is a fender mount unit. WER will likely be the better one because you'll be able to drill holes& maybe weld it to adapt the WER onto a CRF.

Ill do the WER if I have to, but I already have the Scott's on two other bikes and with two screws i can switch them to what ever bike I'm riding. With so much money invested with them, I would really rather stay with them. As for going without, you make some good points, but then again, with the investment I already have, I'm only a bracket away from being able to use one. But with the problem I am having, I might just have to skip this bike, might not be an option unless someone has an idea.

if you can make me a print with some good dimensoins I can prolly build it. as long as it doesn't have any compound angles in it. or some crazy stuff. I am a cnc machinist. send me a pm.

Hey SDD74,

Take a look at the thread "230 right side foot peg"

We need someone to fab a new right side footpeg mount.

there is probably a decent market for it for all of the 230's and the e-start 150's.

If you are interested please let me know....i would realy like to come up with a new peg mount.


why don't you get out the steel and the plasma cutter and make your own mount? Forget the machine shop, even a cut off wheel and a dremel will get the job done.

I can make it with a cutt off wheel and drill press.....but it wont be a lot of fun...and prolly wont look very clean.

if i had a millig machine it would be a breeze

I can make it with a cutt off wheel and drill press.....but it wont be a lot of fun...and prolly wont look very clean.

if i had a milling machine it would be a breeze

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