I wanna hear where people run their high speed compression damping

Especially those of you who weigh 180 and up...Let's hear it.

05 CRF450 220 lbs resprung and revalved for my weight. D/C class rider on a large SX style track and I run mine at 2 1/2 turns out.

I would be interested as well for a mid to upper B rider 185 - 190 lbs. Does the high speed compresser help more with braking and accell bumps or what? Have always run this pretty much stock.

I'm 185lb B rider. I'm always starting with the HSC all the way out. This helps to soak up the square edge stuff. Getting forward on the bike and powering your upper body towards the bars really helps soak it up too. You've got to have a feel for it though on big landings, etc. and run it in until you no longer are bottoming the rear out.

You'd be surprised how far out you can run the HSC on a properly spring bike before you bottom out hard.

good advice, I've been having trouble with getting good drive out of corners and over obstacles requiring a good drive up the face. I've been running mine in from stock in an effort to keep the shock up in the stroke but I think I'm gonna back it off and see if letting the rear squat some more will help.:lol:

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