OK, given last Thursday evening's "adventure", I am inspired to post this question to all to see who's done the dummest, most idiotic thing while riding. I'll start...

Riding in the early evening last Thursday up at St. Mary's Glacier/Central City area...heading up some new trail that we've never been on (matter of fact, the whole area was new to us). Sitting up in a totally exposed area (above the tree line) at about 12K ft, we notice a thunderstorm rolling in from the west. Decision time...do we try to find this different trail up in front of us and try to take it down...or do we simply turn around and head back down the way we came (and are familiar with)?

Well, the obvious choice was "forge ahead"! So we sort of find this trail which we think is the correct one and take it down a ways...steep, loose, rocky shale...again totally exposed...and it turns into what I think is the top of St. Mary's glacier! With no more trail in front of us (only a bunch of snow), we attempt to turn around to no avail...as we both get stuck. I dump my bike over about 4 times...and manage to foul my plug. At about this time, the storm's over top of us...lightning everywhere...pouring down on us...and it's now dark. Frantically, I change my plug and somehow manage to get unstuck (with my friend's assistance...thanks again Jim!). Both scared out of our gourds, we get to where we can ride out...and then the Lord shines down on both of us...and the storm rolls on by. With dirty britches, we both ride back the way we came and finally get back to the truck and safety...

Lesson Learned: Dont "F" with mother nature...just avoid her at all costs!

were riding one day out here in WA, find a nice tight single track called Derailleur, jump on it, its nice. We come out to this road, go along the road, all of a sudden theres this little hill,no big deal, ill drop it into 1st and motor right up it. nope.loose gravel, the hill is in tiers and theres like 3 turns, it doesnt look bad, until you get on it and get no traction. well the bike stalls midway up, so i try and start it there-kickety kickety kickety...ok ill roll down and start over again.kickety kickety kickety kickety kickety-vroom- ok im off, 2nd this time, hit a stump, stall. by now im pretty f---ed off and the bikes hot.roll back down,kickety kickety kickety kickety kickety(no hot start in case you were wondering) kickety kickety kickety.im hot and tired and pissed. i take off the helmet and throw it hard as i can up the hill, sit for a second-PISS! i walk up the hill pick up helmet and throw it back down hill-BAM! it hits the bike and explodes into about 4 pieces(luckily, nothing major, just the mouth guard, some of the foam and paint)finally i get the bike started and get up the hill. a new helmet and about 5 months later, i ride Helmet Hill every chance i get just to prove a point.

May not be the stupidest thing I've done on the trail, but it's close (and recent)...........

Ok, so in the exact same area that LarryCO was in, just out of Alice CO heading towards Blackhawk on the 4x4 road up Miners Road. Nice 4 story tall mine tailings pile, smooth steep up hill. I've climbed it many times it's totally a no brainer, this time I started toward it in a nice leasurely 2nd with my buddy Brian directly behind me. Figuring I would be "cool guy" and pull a nice slow long standup wheelie up the last 1/2 of the climb.......picked it up........looking good.......it's a dandy.......slowing down a bit......lugging it a bit more.......!!snack!!.....bike stalls with me way over the bars.........CRAP!!!!!!!!!! I litterly ended up laying superman style on my bike rolling backwards into unsuspecting Bry and take him out. No one hurt, but "cool guy" now has a brused ego :) . Awwwh yeah!

Dodger :D:D

i had to get towed about 30 miles all because my dual sport switch vibrated loose and turned a 180. I thought it was on but it was off!!

This isn't the stupidest thing I've done but it was frustrating!

I Got up real early on a Sunday morning and drove from my house in Denver to Woodland Park, it took me about 2 hours to get to the staging area. I unload my bike, and start gearing up, first the pants, knee guards, kidney belt, shirt, chest protector, comes time for the final piece of protective gear, the helmet. What the heck, no helmet in the gear bag, no helmet anywhere. I ask around to see if some of the other riders have a spare, no luck. Depressed, I undress, load up my bike and head home, what was to be a nice day riding turned into a four hour drive for nothing. When I got home I found out my 5 year old son had been playing motocrosser and took my helmet out of the gear bag... I'll never again go riding without making sure the helmet is in the bag!

Let's see which story????

quick one. lesson learned... never put the only car key in your cargo pants and forget to zip it up before a 35 mile trail ride!

Then, if you decide to back track to look for it, make sure you gas up first.

Can you see where this is going????

Can't get in the truck, 10 miles from the truck (still no key) ran out of gas, walked bike back.

11 hours later and a 225$ locksmith bill I was home.

btw- Thanks to the awesome guys who let me borrow the cell phone-- whoever you are.

makes for a bad day.



I'm happy to hear that you made it out OK. By the way, when are you going to be in Moab again?


Gone riding with the gas lever turned to reserve from the get go.

Gone riding the VERY NEXT TIME with gas lever turned to reserve from the get go.

Needless to say I DID run out of gas both times but was lucky to run out where I could pretty much roll to the gas station. Funny thing was I ran out of gas both times literally within a 100 feet of the same spot !!!

Most recent stupid thing I did....wheelie in front of cop with an illegal Stroker SX-1 bellowing for all its worth!

Helmet trick....done that but with no 5 year old to blame it on!

Nice guys! Good stories...

Blackie, no formal plans as of yet...but I know it will be soon. Maybe late July/early August. Heading to Steamboat/Crested Butte this coming week...that's about all on my mind right now! Yeah baby!

Have that kid yet? How's that going? Life certainly changes a bit, eh? Had Maddy (15 months old now) sitting on a new 50...she looked pretty damn good on it...and comes as close as daddy does to touchin' the ground with her feet. She's ready... lol

Give me a call (303 526 4369) sometime and we'll coordinate plans to meet out there. Sound good?


Lightning, been there, felt static sparks on bike, scared poopless...

Gear, left my boots, did the same thing. Geared up, bike unloaded, where are my boots. Drove to the track in sandals. Crap!


Went riding alone once, result=crash and burn, bent frame at the steering crown on previous bike, rode back to my truck very injured and dazed, drove home and had someone take me to the hospital, EXPENSIVE hospital bills even with insurance! On the up side, I had an excuse to buy my 02 WR426 :)

Hey Larry, my dad and a buddy of mine will be over near Crested Bute in Taylor Park next week, maybe we'll see ya there.

The Most Idiotic thing I did was a few years ago while trail riding my dads XR 350 it had a electrical problem and would run for about 10 min. then die and I would have to wait another 10 min. for it to cool off again before it would go and I was along way from camp so during one of the breaks I cooled it off faster by pissing on it. BIG MISTAKE that was the worst smell ever and every time it died I coudn't get away from the smell.I was lucky though and it all burned off before I got to camp.

Oh Dodger it wasn't that bad it was pretty funny. I'm still laughing today. Also LarryCO, don't let anyone know who you are cause above St. Mary's Glacier is big time illegal. Like taking your bike away and making you work weekends for a year or two for comunity service. But none the less that was funny!

Ok, I'll bite. This happened on my '96 KLX650R, dual sported with license plate.

Subject: KLX650 Ride report or "How to kill yourself 101" (long, long, long)

I took my KLX out for a trail ride one Friday night with a buddy (RM250) and had a hell of a night. We went to the Reiter Riding area, a local place I've been to a few times. Its fairly remote riding. We started out at 6 pm, and after riding about an hour on some very tight, tough, technical trails, we were both beat, and decided to head back to the truck to call it a day.

We didn't know exactly where we were, but since most of the ride had been up, we headed down. At one point, we took what looked to be a well traveled side trail that was heading down more directly then the trail we were on. Turned out the trail got smaller and smaller, and went up and down on a steep hillside. Trees all around, logs across the trail, logs on the sides of the trails, logs and rocks everywhere. Glad I had a skid plate cause I was testing it big time. Smashed the hell out of the shifter lever too. Can't remember how many times it got snagged, at some point I just said f**k it and rode with it all bent up. I wasn't getting out of first gear anyway.

I was seriously beat at this point and just wanted to get out of the woods, but that was not to be. The trail finally pettered out with no

apparent exit. It was just as well as both our bikes started to boil over from the slow going at high revs and constant clutch slipping and clutch popping.

We were sitting on the steep hillside deciding what to do, resting and letting the bikes cool down. We couldn't go up, too steep, too many downed trees, etc. We couldn't go down, same reason. We REALLY didn't want to go back and deal with all of the sh*t we had just smashed through. We hiked back a bit and found where we had missed

the trail turn. After muscleing the bikes around, we started up the trail again, it basically climbed the hillside at a pretty steep angle. The trail was more of a rut then a trail, more rocks and logs. I was seriously bumming out, as I barely had the energy to kick start the KLX, much less launch the bike up the hill. Did I mention that I kept stalling the bike and falling over? My left arm was so pumped up from riding the clutch, that it was getting hard to work the clutch properly.

After resting a bit, we knew we had to get it over with. I went first, and just rev'd the sh*t out of the bike and launched it at the trail. The amazing KLX just ping pong balled its way up the slope, front tire in the air, back tire getting air and launching us every which way. I stopped after about 30 feet to rest/compose myself. Then

did it again. I later learned that my buddy flipped his RM on one of his attempts, but he wasn't hurt, he only tweaked his rear fender.

So that's the way it went, I did this same thing about 6 times till I got to a point where the hill leveled out a little and I could see

daylight through the trees about 200 yards up the hill. But we had dead ended again. After scouting around on foot, we found the trail and the way out of this hell, but we still had some challenges just getting back on the trail. In our weakend condition, we had to cross a downed log (about 30" high), with no room to do an approach. We basically lined up in front of it, gassed the hell out of the bike, got a little air under the front tire and slammed over the log till the rear wheel slammed us to a stop. Then we lifted the rear wheel over the log.

We finally got to the larger trail, only to realize we were right back where we had entered the trail about 2 hours before. We had done a giant loop! Sh*t! Well, at least we were out of that world of hurt. The rest of the ride down was uneventful, I was very thankful that we had gotten off that hillside before dark without getting hurt.

13.2 miles of hell. Felt like 100.

Back at the truck, my buddy offered to drive me back home, but I declined since it was seriously out of his way, and I had plenty of daylight if I left on my bike right then.

So after bending my shift lever back as best I could, I headed out down the highway for a 7 mile jaunt to the turn off that brings me to a dirt road that winds its way through a state forest for about 15 miles, and which dumps me out on the local roads about 2 miles from my house.

I was running a little low on fuel, but it was getting dark, so I keep motoring along right past a gas station. I made it to the dirt road just fine just as it was getting darker. Bummer. My Acerbis headlight sucks, and then I ran into some thick fog. Jeez I was thinking. Good thing I know this dirt road like the back of my hand. Then the bike ran out of gas and I put it on reserve. "Oh **** !" I'm thinking now.

It wasn't life threatening, I could always walk home, but it would be one long walk. Well, I made it out of the forest to the paved roads when it stalled for good. No more fuel. After coasting to a stop, I began pushing along the road, it was dark, I was tired, and the road had the slightest incline up that I had never noticed before. I was

about 2 miles from home, and pushed it all the way to within about 3/4 of a mile from my house, this is where I ran into a pretty mild hill that I could not deal with. I finally made it to some guys driveway and left the bike there. All the while I was trying to call the wife, but there's no cell phone coverage out in the sticks where

I live. There's cell coverage about 1/2 mile east of where I live, lot of good that does me.

I parked the bike, and took my helmet and jacket and trudged the last 1/2 mile up the hill to my street. Of course my driveway is a 125 foot freakin' uphill slope! I got the car keys, got the gas can and drove down to where the bike was parked, fueled the bike up, locked the car up and drove the bike home. Hmmm, amazing how easy the KLX takes these hills!

I was too tired to wiggle the bike in past the car into the garage and just left it on the side yard behind the fence. I went into the garage to strip off my sweat soaked gear when my wife (who I was counting on to peel all this gear off me) announces that she's tired and is going to bed now that she know's I'm safe. The door slammed

closed before I could protest and beg for help, and I was too tired to yell. It was the perfect ending to a perfect night.

Somehow I managed to peel off my gear and clothes and I just left it where it fell on the garage floor. I managed to get in the shower and onto the bed before passing out. I was one tired pup.

Believe it or not, I actually enjoyed myself. Sort of. Ok, maybe not enjoyed it, but I survived it. I can't believe the terrain we rode, well ok,


Moral of the story, never, ever, pass up an opportunity to gas up.


Warning: This is fairly huge. I've posted this elsewhere but I think it qualifies here too.


On Easter 2001 my friend and I had gone off camping with my bikes for the weekend. Got the tent set up, all too easy, so we went 'exploring'. First mistake.

He's not experienced at off-road, so we took it very easy. After going about 30k (20 miles), it was getting late so we turned around. This time he was leading. Second mistake.

The overgrown track was one we'd come down before, so he was going fast (for him) 'cos he thought it was clear (we couldn't see the ground). When we stopped I said he was going faster than I'd seen him before, but he just grinned and kept on... Yep, third mistake.

Two minutes later, he's horizontal and about half a metre in the air. The front wheel had hit a hidden stick that a 4wd must have flicked onto the track. It was OK 'till he landed, then he just sort of slid for a bit. It looked kinda wierd 'cos he was still 'sitting' on the bike, with right leg underneath it. No proper boots... Anyway, it took a couple of minutes to discover he had a bendy shin. (Found out later it was broken in 5 (!) places). Mistake # 4...

So, it's coming on for dusk, the Landrover Discovery is still 20k's away, and here he is probably going into shock. The mobiles had no coverage. I left him my backpack w/ water in it, set the location in the GPS and took off for the car. I kept repeating to myself, 'CAREFUL, CAREFUL, CAREFUL...' over and over, and getting tenser and tenser by the minute. Come to think of it, that was the Fifth Mistake.

I was so tense, and truth to say a bit scared, and I was riding at like a third of my normal pace and somehow managed to come off on this simple rutted downhill. I landed on my left side, and thought 'OH Crap, that didn't hurt enough, something's REALLY wrong.' As I was checking myself out it DID start to hurt - turned out I had a broken collarbone. Anyway, this was about halfway back to the car. That's 6.

After the most painful 10 k's I've ever done I got back to the car to discover I'd left the car keys in my backpack. Yes, I swore. Yes, that's #7!

Anyway, very luckily there were these people about 200m further down the track that were packing up a picnic, so I staggered up to them and asked for help, what could they do? It was a very rough trip back to the (original) crash site, but I'll never rag on those Daewoo 4WDs again! And they can jump too...

The guys dropped us off back at my car after a very sore trip for both of us but particularly for he of the broken leg, then it was 'just' a simple drive of 40 mins to the hospital. Lucky I've got an automatic.

As a P.S. to this, I was sitting waiting in the hospital while they attended to my mate when I started to feel faint. For some reason I didn't lie down, I just wanted to get outside. I fell as I got to the automatic doors and got my hand caught in it, badly. Took as long for the hand to heal as the collar bone... They put me in a bed after that! The worst part of the whole thing is my mates call me "My Hero" in girlie voices whenever they can...

Moral: Stay calm, wear proper gear, stay calm, GPS's are good, and stay calm.



Brian Heath,

Yeah...realize now that even if we found that trail, it was a foot travel only trail. A few days later, we tried to ride to Winter Park via the Ute trail...but I believe it's non-moto as well. On our sports illustrated map of the area, all black-dashed line trails are off limits. Gotta go way north to the Rollinsville Pass Rd (or something like that) to get up and over to Winter Park.

Thanks for the heads up though...wont ever be trying that "trail" again! lol


----We all make little mistakes, some of us more than a few...

-Have you ever kicked and kicked and kicked your bike trying to start it, tried push starting, cussing it, only to find that turning it on reserve will start it right up?? :) (TS400)

-Ever push your bike 1/2 mile home, only to find that turning it on reserve will start it right up?? :D (WR400)

-Ever had a friend borrow a bike for a few days and then have him say it quit running, and needed his girlfriend's dad to haul it back to her house. You guessed it, only to find out that turning it on reserve will start it right up?? :D (CL350)

-Ever take your spare sparkplug out of your tool pack the night before a race to save a little weight... and then have it foul for the first time?? In the rain :D (Maico 440)

-Ever leave the tool pack at home because it's just a short ride into the woods from home... and then lose the masterlink?? Short being a 3 mile push. :D (Maico 440)

-Ever tried to out wheelie your buddies through a water crossing, deeper and deeper until you come up short, endo the bike, go over the bars, land in the water, drown the bike, lack a dry plug in the rain... and then get towed back to your truck. :D (RM250)

Live and Learn! :D

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