Damaged steering head bearing

The bike is almost brand new (200km), and during the installation of a grease nipple in the steering head, I noticed that the outer race of the top bearing is damaged from rust spots.

It's not much, but since I have the steering head apart, I'd like to replace the damaged part.

I know that I have to replace this top bearing and outer race as a unit. But before I punch out the top race. Does anybody have info on the outer race specifications? (Height/inside diam/outside diam)

I could take it off the bike, ruining it in the process, and if the new part take forever to get here, there will be a lot of frustration while I wait for it.


Did you get the owners manual with the bike, if not let me know and I will look it up when I get home. I am on the road till Friday

Yes I did get the owner's manual when I bought the bike.

I went to my nearby dealer to order the parts. I ordered the outside race for $18.00 cdn, and I'll go to a bearing shop to get the bearing. They're asking $80.00 cdn for a tapered needle bearing. A bit TOOO much I think.

As poorly as these things are lubed from the factory, it doesn't take much moisture to begin the rust process. When you pop the old race out save it to drive the new one back in...makes it so much easier.

Bonzai :)

Next time buy the complete set from pivot works. They are much cheaper than stock and it comes with everything.

Thanks, I'll do just that. :)


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