Brake improvement

The front brake on my yz400f needs some help. I'm tired of having to death grip the brake lever to lock up the front wheel. Any tips? It has been pathetic every since I bought the bike a few years ago and I've had it! Thanks guys

Bleed your brakes and make sure you have correct fluid level. You can use braided stainless brake lines and new better pads(Galfer, EBC, etc.) for relativly low cost that will improve stopping. I did this on my YZ450(in dirt trim) because I had extras from my previous supermoto set-up. Then you can spent alot of $ and get the works. Make sure they're nut glazed up, clean, and operating correctly and you may only need to spend $100 or so.

The front brake makes a nasty sounding squeal when I brake as well, not sure whats causing that. I will try new pads and change out the fluid first, hopefully that will help. Anymore suggestions are welcome. Thanks

Ways to improve the front brake would include, new pads, a braided steel, CR routed brake hose, a carbon steel rotor in place of the stainless stock one, the master cylinder off a CRF450 (say an '05), and maybe an oversized rotor. More or less in that order.

Thanks a lot grayracer. How much will all of those upgrades help?

Each will help in varying amounts. They are arranged more or less in order of their relative ease, which, interestingly, seems to be related to both how effective they are, and how much they cost.

I had in mind doing them all together. I'm going to try to get the parts in the next couple weeks. I just don't want to dump all that money in it and be disappointed.

I think I'd advise approaching it incrementally. Go with new pads and a brake hose first. The rotor kits and master cylinders are expensive, and there's no sense going beyond the point where you're happy with it. A brake that grabs too aggressively is as annoying as one that is too weak.

im with grayracer, but try bleeding the system if that hasn't been done. then go


ss line

rotor (oversized)

calpier or mastercylinder

As far as the pads go, try the oem Honda CR or crf pads. They make a nice difference for around 40.00.

Try this 1st. Sounds like the brakes are glazed.

Check to make sure you have material left on the pads. Lightly sand the glazing off of them, do the same with the rotor. If you have a die grinder with a flapper type wheel on it use that on the rotor. Quick shot of brake clean and bleed the brakes. Less than $10

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