Will a stock non-oring chain last 180mi in sand?

I ride a WR400 with a 444 kit.

I noticed my DID 520v chain was toast.

I had a slightly used renthal CS and a Sunstar aluminum rear sprocket in my parts box.

I also have a stock DID non oring chain (520 DMA2 I think) off a late model CR that was replaced with an oring chain and never used.

Question is: Is it okay to use a non oring chain on a big bore bike? Will it last for 2 days....180 sand miles total?

I really do not want to stick a brand new 0-ring chain on anything but brand new sprockets, but will if I have to.


I dont think my chain would last 180miles in the dirt.:lol: Dont risk it. Why take the chance of finding out it wont hold when your in the middle of nowhere. Honestly i think it will last, but if it where me i would pick up a o-ring chain just to be sure.

I put the o-ring chain on.


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