YZ450 Handling

Well, I got my 2003 yz450f about 2 months ago. I absolutely love it, way more torque for some of the hill climbing I do. Anyways, I love everything about it, except it seems to turn like a brick. I've looked everywhere for a different offset tripleclamp for it. I know in 03 they had 46mm forks and 04+ had 48mm forks. I can only find aftermarket tripleclamps for the 04+ yz450's. Should I just buy a set of 04+ 48mm forks? Other than that the bikes awesome. :lol:

The offset clamps aren't really the trick to making the bike turn. Make sure your rear sag is set no more than 100mm, and pull the front forks up in the clamps 5mm at a time, to as much as 10mm total, trying it each time. It will steer better. The bike is not, and won't be a corner carver like a two-stroke RM, but few things really are. It's much happier railing berms than taking the inside. You can learn, however to "square off" corners with it pretty well using the brakes hard, pivoting, and leaving in a fairly straight line, and the bike handles very well under power once you get it established in a corner. Good front tires are important.

The forks can be worked with, and if you want something truly amazing, contact Dave Johnson at Smart Performance. Ask him about the Phase 4 Fork. Really incredible. Tell him I sent you.

How much would something like that cost to have done? The smart valve looks pretty cool :worthy:

The reviews on the Phase 4 fork have been incredible. Dave Johnson at Smart Performance is someone who is what most of us would call an "outside-the-box" thinker. If you told him that, he'd probably look at you and ask, "There's a box?" :worthy:

Pricing info is something you'd need to ask Dave about.

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