Seat for 2nd rider?


I just purchased a WR 400, a 2000, and am going to do some very light trail riding in Utah. I'd like to take my 11 year old boy with me and was wondering if anyone has seen a back rest for the WR. We can go without it, but I think he would feel more comfortable. Thoughts or suggestions?



It's just me, but I don't think giving someone with short legs a ride on a bike with a monoshock and long suspension travel is a bright idea, especially without footpegs. If the bike kicks to the side and his foot gets between the wheel and the fender then you hit a bump, his leg is going to get seriously chewed up.

When I was a kid, myself and my idiot friends used to go two- (or three-) up on my MX100, but that's a *much* shorter bike with traditional dual shocks so it would be much harder to get a leg caught between the wheel and the fender.

If you want to bring a friend on a dirt ride, why not get something designed for the task like a KLR?

I suppose on the other hand, if you were to figure out a way to hook up some passenger foot pegs I would think this was actually a pretty fun idea. Just make sure you stiffen the rear suspension. :lol:


I say look for an old xr for the 11 year old to get on himself. I saw an xr100 (older) for $500.00. He could ride it for a year and sell it for $400:thumbsup: I'm sure you'll share the time better that way. Him riding on the back is more dangerous to him than him being on his own bike with the proper protection. IMHO!

I agree with the above poster. By the time I was 11, my dad and I had already put on many miles riding trails together. Happy memories, indeed. And I only had to go to the hospital once! :lol:

EDIT: Uh, make that twice. Both outpatient. And both learning experiences for me. heh


Ok, unless you weigh 100 lbs - don't do it - you will bend the subframe - the bikes aren't made for 2.

There's also issues with feet dangling, chains moving at high speed, swingarm and tire possibly catching limbs - it's just not a good idea - too much dangerous stuff exposed right by his legs/feet.

Get him a separate bike - like charles said - there's a ton to be had at great prices - ESPECIALLY right now

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