YZ450 Dunes Video 1-14-03

The wife and I went down to the Little Sahara and shot some video today. YZ450 DUNES VIDEO. The file is in avi format so you may need to download the codecs from Microsoft to view the file or just download the new WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 9.0 .


Nice Video!


Where's the big air?? Just kidding! I grew up in Utah and practically lived at Little Sahara (and Cherry Creek.) I love riding the dunes in the winter time...they look like they're in primo condition!! :)


Man, I wanted big air :), but I am still new to the bike scene. I am getting more and more brave as time goes on. Maybe this spring there will be some massive air videos.


Nice Video, there is nothing that relaxes me more, than to listen to a nicley tuned 4 stroke tearing it up :D

Looks like a nice place to ride.

I'm planning on riding Utah this summer, now only if i can get permission from the wife :)

Yah Yahhhh!!!! Air Time!!!!

How did you fix the cam?

Math :)


The cam was on a tripod. I used my helmet cam the first half of the day, but the video isn't as fun to watch when there are no trees or sage brush to give depth.


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