Fuel Screw, quick question.

I have a MSR quick adjust screw on my carb. pulled the carb off to clean it the other day. and put it back together. but i didnt put the screw in untill the very end when the bottom of the carb was all back together. and now it dosent feel or turn as smoothly as it used to. do i have to put the screw in before i put the bottom of the carb back on? or atleast loosen it? its probably been answered a million times but i searched didnt come up with anything very quick. need to get it done pretty quick. thanks!

You can't install the fuel screw before the float bowl is bolted up, it sounds like you have something in the threads. I would make sure the o ring is installed correctly. Make sure you don't have it cross threaded.


so correct me if im wrong but shouldnt the o-ring and spring come out with the screw if the float bowl is completely off? or is there some way it can stick up in there cause mine did not.. only the washer. thanks

It can get stuck.

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