Arrggh!!! What have I done to my poor bike?

I just put a new dunlop Desert AT on the rear of my 2002 wr426. (120x100x18) Now the bike feels really unglued on the fast straight sections.. It is almost like the rear end rolls (??) around when you drop into a turn.

My previous tire was a K695 (100x100x18)

I am not quite sure what to think. Is this tire too heavy and causing the suspension to float over bumps? Or maybe the taller side walls are to blame.. (Even though they are rock hard)

Right now I am running 14.5psi in the rear, but it feels considerably harder than the last tire. Has anyone ran this tire before? Did you run lower psi? :)

I am running mainly dry hard packed single track near my house at the moment, with some loose rock, and some hard rock surfaces

Help!!?? :D

I love that tire, but have a YZ and 19 inch wheel. I recently got an 18 inch wheel and mounted a 120 mm 739AT on it but haven't run it yet.

I run 10 to 12 pounds unless I'm worried about a pinch flat, then I run 15. The 3 pound difference is noticeable, but not as much as a 3 pound difference up front...

The larger tires will give you the sensation of overpowering the front end. I don't really notice that anymore because I only run the larger size.

You may consider running a little bit more sag than you would with the smaller tire.

Hope this helps.

I run that tire here in the AZ desert. I run the 120 18" tire. I was running 10 to 12 psi. My friends were running 15 to 16. I tried 15 and hated it. It was very slippery at 15 psi, but hooks up well at 10 to 12. I have never had a flat with the 739 Deseret AT. Kawasaki Team Green uses the 739 desert AT on Destry's KX 500 in the BITD races. They run 10 psi in the rocky Nevada desert. The Pirelli MT-18 is also a good desert tire. Stiffer sidewals than the 739, and wears a little better.

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Tall sidewalls mean no puntchers but it feels like the tyre squiggles while going around fast smooth corners. But you can aford to use lower tyre presures.

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