yz426 Decompression cam mod question

I ordered a 2003 yz450f cam off of EBAY for my 2000 426. I just opened the box to find that they sent both an exhaust cam AND the intake cam. My question is, will the 450 intake cam work in the 426 and, if it will, is there any advantage to using it over the stock intake cam? Thanks ahead of time for the answer!

It probably would work, but I don't advise trying it. The question would be how to time it.

Remember that the timing marks on the YZ450 exhaust cam will not align correctly with the YZ400/426 head when the cam is installed correctly. You need the 426 intake cam as a reference, so that it can be timed to the crank according to the original marks, and then the exhaust cam is timed off of that by counting pins between the two cam's 12:00 marks. If you used both cams from a YZ450, you would need to use a degree wheel to set them, and then you would need to check the piston to valve clearance at the intake valves.



Glad I asked. You make an excellent point. I will go with the stock intake cam.

Thanks again!

Glad I asked. You make an excellent point. I will go with the stock intake cam.

Thanks again!

just wanted to no witch is the better exhaust cam the yz450f or the hotcam for the yz426f.

With the price of the OEM 450 cam rising to near $150, the price advantage is not as great as it used to be, so it is probably simpler to just use the stage one Hot Cams product these days. If you do that, use the timing instructions that come with it.

thanks for the info grayracer. you sure no your stuff.

Does it have to be a cam from a '03 to work in a 426?

No. '03-'05 are identical, and we have at least one member who used an '06 cam and was happy with it.

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