Help Plugging Tank Petcock?

Get a small metal plate and replace the petcock with it, using a gasket of course. I'm not sure where to get such a plate, but that's what the instructions on my Clarke tank said regarding removal of a petcock.

Need Help? I recently purchased a Big Gun exhaust system and found out that my Acerbis YZF desert tank fuel petcock hits the header. I would like to remove the petcock but I do not have any ideas on how to patch the hole on the tank. I am really not sure why acerbis sells the tanks without selling a plug for the petcock hole not being used. I would appreciate any ideas on how to do this.


Scotty Bear

If you can find a plastic welding material that stands up to gas, PLEASE let us know. I know there are several TT'ers (including myself) who would love to find such a product. There are a lot of cracked gas tanks out there that need repair.

Actually, the acerbis people told me to use JB Weld on the hole. I have never used this stuff so I do not know if it would withstand gasoline. However, I have my reservations which is why I was posting the question.


Thanks for the advice. I was thinking I would probably have to mount a metal plate (with some sort of gasket) but I was just hoping there was some other way to do it. Maybe some type of plastic weld or something like it that would patch the hole and not get eaten up by the gas.


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