One BADA$$ Trail Network

I have had the pleasure of riding these trails on more than one occasion and I thought with their latest news I would let you all in a little secret. I do not know if any of you live close to GA or who likes to ride east coast trails, but if you do, these are probably the best in the state. The place is called Durhamtown Plantation

and is very cool. 50 miles of marked one way trails through woods and creeks, with everything ranging from hard to easy. That is a total of 50 miles for all of those. but so, so. Well now the family that owns this 7000 acre hunting preserve has realized just how much $ we spend riding our bikes and is planning to expand their trail network to include a single 100 mile continuous trail. I cannot wait to ride it, but it would be a long day.

I do not know how this would compare with the trails on the west coast or in the rockies as I have never ridden there, but I enjoy it immensely and just thought I would share. It is about 1.5 hours east of Atlanta in Union Point, GA.

If you are in the area, check it out, you will not be disappointed.

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thanks for the info... love good technical east coast stuff. Looks like a big drive. so might make a weekend out of it.

I will post to you if I can get a group from NC to come down for a weekend.

mook :)

Do it. That would be fun.

YEP.....The Plantation is Awesome....a few of us may be going back next weekend. Our ATLANTA group rides somewhere just about every weekend.

PM me and I'll give you my phone Number...


Bonzai :)

Bonzai & Bambislayer, I may be up for a little woods riding this weekend. Are you going to Durham??? Maybe we can get MXTuner interested.

Mark and I are planning to gold valve my suspension on Saturday and depending on weather, I am trying to head out to Big Cedar MX track in Valley, AL on Sunday. They have been closed for a few months dealing with insurance questions, but they are reopening saturday.

I went to Durhamtown a week or so ago and they have added a lot. I heard the deal about the single 100 mile loop on GOR. Have you guys heard about it at all?

Bambislayer, Mark set up my suspension on my YZF...using gold valves & removing the mid-valve altogether. It is so much better than stock as I can jump much higher & longer w/o the harsh landing syndrone. He is one awesome Tuner...

Big Cedar is cool, I have been there a few times. I heard they were shut down, so glad to hear they are opening up again. You may want to try DiamondBack as it is very similar to BigCedar but much closer to Atlanta. I may go on Saturday if the woods riding is no go.

thanks for sharing. I have bookmarked this site hopefully I'll be able to get out there someday.

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