Tire shipping $20?????

I always buy my tires through the mail order system. I usually pay around $8 for shipping. The place I always get the tires discontinued my favorite Pirellis the MT44 and 32. I saw the Hipersport ad online with my tires for the same price. Only catch was the $20 shipping fee. Why don't they just say $75 a tire and free shipping.

MAWonline and Hipersports SUCK! See my post on the DRZ forum, you'll see what I mean.

Just get it from RockyMountainmc.com, they are the *best*!!!

Cheap shipping, cheap products too! :)

hypersports\MAWonline are biggest rippoff they not only double shipping cost that add handling charge for each individual item.by the time you actually add up all the charges on item in there closeout section it cost you $5 to $10 more than regular price anywhere else.

I tried to order from Chapparal, Dennis Kirk, and a slew of others, and shipping to Alaska was more in the $100-$150 dollar range for 2 tires. My dealer was able to order them for not a ton more than the mail order prices, and he doesn't charge shipping. Bummer that my dealer is pretty poor in all other respects. It sure limits the options when companies only ship by UPS ground. UPS ground can't quite make the drive up here.


Originally posted by Bill:


Try these guys:



This is who I used last time. Excellent service and they claim they will have them to your house in 2 days anywhere in the lower 48.

Worked for me.

Wow 2 day service. I have to check them out next.

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