Whats The Difference?

What's the difference between the Regular 2006YZ450F and the Anniversary Edition 2006 YZ450F besides the Yellow Plastic?

to my knowledge nothing

The Graphics kit applied to the yellow plastic.

The Graphics kit applied to the yellow plastic.

haha:bonk: i forgot about that

That, and the original price tag, and I suppose, the eventual collectability of the thing, IF it stays original.

The seat cover is all black instead of blue/black

Oh yeah.

I forgot. :p:lol: :lol:

Well I have found two 2006s for sale and one is anniversary and one is not and they are both around 3k. Which should i get?

The one you like better and is in better condition

We have one Yellow one and one Blue one. The yellow one is faster only because my son is on it. Thats it!

I maybe old school but they should all be yellow.

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