Just bought a 00 WR 400, have some questions

I am 38 years old and have decided to start riding again. I've ridden dirt bikes from agaes 12 to 25, at which time I stopped riding. I decided to have some fun again and bought a friends garage kept 00 WR 400 with 80 miles on it last week until I get back into riding condition, then I will look at purchsing a new WR 450. Anyway, my question is I see some of you guys posting about cutting a "grey" wire. My buddy who owned the bike had the throttle stop ground down allowing full throttle, but I cannot find any info out about this mysterious grey wire and what cutting it fixes. Also any other modification suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks fellas

do a search for grey wire mod and free mods, you should find posts with pics and everything else you need to know.

Birddog, check this out www.garlic.com/~rdkienle/wr250f_home.htm

ride the bike before you worry about the wire and cam timing. My '00 WR400 ran just fine without the mods. :)

Oh my you just have to do the CAM timing to yz spec. It will cost you an hours labor unless you can do it yourself. Best 40 bucks i spent. Just so you know. also take off the airbox lid. throw it away, then take out the baffle. Notice with the baffle out you still have your spark arrestor. And if you want to go cutting wires by all means go for it. It dosent really make much of a difference til you get the wrong one and it doesnt work at all anymore. LOL

good luck

Chris L.

Well I have ridden the bike everyday since I brought that puppy home, lol. It is a blast to ride and its really cool to feel and see how technology has changed since I last rode some 13 years ago, what a difference. Also great info guys, very very helpful. Great web site and thanks for being courteous to this bulletin board n00b. I actually went back a few pages and saw some of my questions already answered, lesson learned.

The YZ spec timing is the berries for wide open spaces. For tight 2nd gear single lines, the STD. timing worked better, for me. The softer hit made the beast a bit more forgiving. Either way, it's cool Yamaha gives us the choice. :)

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