I picked up a 90 XT-600 a few weeks back that seems to be very good shape. The area im concerned with is the clutch/tranny. Do the single cylinder yammys all shift kinda hard? This bike up-shifts hard and even harder down-shifting. I suspect the clutch is dragging cause when putting bike in first gear it lurches. I have tried all the clutch adjusting tips to no avail. I even pulled discs apart 2 different times.This clutch doesn't slip....just drag! I haven't mic'd the disc's or springs because last bike i put new clutch in ( LTD-1000 ) speced out ok,but it dragged + slipped. Could my XT clutch need replacing even though it dont slip? All replies appreciated Royce

Look at the clutch basket. See if there are big groves where the plates rest against it. They should be perfectly smooth. If not, the plates may be hanging up on the basket. This will cause it to drag. The bike is older so this may be the case.

I agree, Look at the fingers of the clutch basket where the tabs of the friction plates slide in & out. Older bikes have wear groves from the friction plates slideing on these fingers.

Just get a file & file down the fingers until the grooves have gone. it doesnt take long. but remember to do both sides of the fingers. If your fussy about the alimimum fileings in the gearbox it mite be easyer to remove the clutch basket from the bike. I never, I just packed a rag under the basket which colected the fileings.

Thanks for replies fellas,yah the basket is in excellent shape. Its weird, with cover off i can i can work clutch lever and see and feel the plates free up. One thing about this clutch i've never seen on other bikes is theres a spacer/ring thing between the first fiber and first steel plate! Ilooked at XT-600 schematic of clutch today and it shows it as being 3rd part inline!--lol. I took road test today leaving the ring thing out and it actualy shifted better! Im thinking its some kind of anti-chatter device? O-Well ill put it back in where the schematic shows it to be. Royce

You probably know this, but go ahead and change the oil. What did the oil look like, or did you drain it in checking the clutch or put bike on side and pulled clutch.. smell the oil, is it a burnt smell or close to it??... If your basket looks good and plates are not or do not appear to be scorned or burned.. the last thing I would check is the free play length of your clutch springs, are they within tolerances?? Sounds like you are on your way in fixing.. good luck Just thought i would add my 2 cents...


98 WR400F

NT650 Hawk


Well thanks to you guys my clutch is now working super! What you fellas said bout the basket gettin small grove worn in got me to thinking,so i pulled it apart again today. Looking real close there were 3 small burrs where that goofy spacer-ring thing was positioned in da basket! I also put it where schematic shows--fiber, than steel,than ring-thing. Cool,now gear changes go snick,snick,snick--lol.Regarding oil,that was first thing i did after i heard engine run--fresh oil+filter+set valve-lash.You guys been big help,thanks much! Royce

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