2006 WR450 with Charging Issue

I have a 2006 WR450F (US Model) with a charging issue.

1- At the battery positive and negative cables at idle, I was getting 4-6 volts

depending on rpm (no battery installed).

2- I pulled the main plug at the fuse block and noted some corrosion

at the clips and cleaned that up. The fuses checked out fine.

3- I started the bike again with the main plug at the fuse block connected, and

checked the output at the positive and negative cables and had 8-volts at idle but when rpms were raised it dropped to 5-6 volts.

By the wiring diagram the next thing down stream is the voltage regulator followed by the ac/magneto (?). The plugs to test the voltage regulator are pretty unaccessable (at 11pm).

I also tested the main on/off switch and it passed before I figured out it has nothing to

do with the charging system…duh.

I was wondering:

A) If anyone has had similar problems, and was it the voltage regulator?

:lol: Can the voltage regulator be tested when completely disconnected?

Or is my positive/negative cable test adequate?

C) Do these bikes tend to eat voltage regulators or should I be doing a strip and

search for frayed wires? I use to have a VFR that liked a voltage regulator

every other year?

As an aside, it was nice to find that it is so easy to kick over (once warm) and is an absolute hoot to ride.

Thanks for your time.


Ever get this figured out? I'm having similar problems, only mine reads ~8V at the battery terminals (no battery installed) at idle, and goes up to about 9 as you rev it. I'm thinking it's the regulator, but would like confirmation before I spend $80 on a new one.

Can't test it without the battery. I did the same thing and someone set me straight. Put the battery back in and tested fine.

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