To all the PowerNow "Haters" out there.....

I have installed a "JamesNow" device on my bike, and it works!

I have been reading the posts and mag reviews about the PowerNow device, and I was interested, but not quite convinced enough to shell out the $80. I had seen quite a few stating that they liked it, I also read here that this kind of simple device was nothing more than Snake Oil.

With that, I decided that I would place an add on the "Parts" for sale page, asking anybody who had purchased a "PowerNow" and were not happy with the outcome of the device, to contact me, and that I would be interested in purchasing their used unit.

See My Old Add Here

Guess what? Nobody contacted me. No one.

That told me that those who had purchased the unit was happy with the outcome and they were not interested in recouping some of their cash.

Low and behold, I then get a PM from jmiakaike (Username), and he tells me that if I send him my carburator bell, he can cut a groove and insert a stainless steel plate in that will replecate the "PowerNow" device. He said that if I was not happy, pull the bell and take the plate out, and I would be right back to stock.

Well, I sent him my carb bell, he did the work and sent it back to me, and I put it all back together last night, and I don't know what to say other than "thank you" James!

I cannot belive how quick the throttle response is! 1, 2 or even 3rd gear, the bike will lift the front end up just by rolling on the throttle! I tried to "lug" it out (Again, in 1, 2nd and 3rd gears), but the bike is just too willing to accept the throttle and respond with increased RPM's.

I am on the side of the house who has used one of these devices, I am firmly of the belief that it will increase throttle response, and I got it WAY cheaper than "PowerNow" is willing to sell it for.

If James wants to make a business of doing this, I would suggest that you all get in line, because this is something that is well worth the effort. PM him via his username.

Thank you James!

Do you have any Pics of the installed plate?

Better still, could you provide a contact number /e-mail for James? PowerNow raised its price, and it sounds like James can provide the same thing. Thanks. :)

Ok, I thought the BK mod was supposed to fix the dreaded bog?

Does this modification also fix the "bog"?

Just for the record I never called it Snake Oil :)

I stated it was Snake Oil :D

and if it works cool for you

if it dont foo for you

I dont doubt it works

So does sugur pills to some

My bike lifts the front in any gear but Neutral

I still remain a skeptic why I dont know.

Maybe the same way I am a skeptic about UFO;s some claim to see em, some claim to be abducted and some wackos are waiting for the trilliums to pick em up

But it dont mean they are really there

Personally I thinks its a communist conspiracy by the North Koreans, It started with the Ugo

Dammit man.... That's who you remind me of....."Snake $hit"...By the way that's a compliment.... "Gary Owen"

Oh by the way it's YUGO....not UGO.....Best damn $2000.00 car I ever owned with the spare tire under the hood..... Hell I even got $450.00 for it from the scrap yard when it died with 150,000 miles on it.

Bonzai :)

Word on the streets is that they are still in the car business, and they are coming out with a station wagon model in 2004. They plan to call it the WeeGo.

Terrible. Simply terrible.

No, I did not take a picture prior to install, but I'll tell you this: It was a simple stainless steel plate that he notched and inserted into my carb bell. Super Simple.

James might want to check and see if it's patented to avoid getting into any trouble. I think it's great he's helping out fellow TT'ers and hope he can keep it up. When I got mine I thought "That's it?, I could have done that (with the right equipment)".

Welcome to the "Stainless plate to improve power club". (Notice how we avoid trademark infringement)

Patent now this is something I do know a little about :D

Using JamesNow is and could be viewed a patent violation if the name PowerNow is registered (Doubtfully)

Now depending if it was patented, and it was blatant that the design is exact according to the official patent design then yes

How do you get around it

Thats the hard part

look at the diff between the Ty Davis Hot Start and DRD

these two do the exact same thing, but, do not infringe on the design although the concept is the same.

You can ot Patent Concept.

Maybe you can use a Fiber Insert, a slightly raised edge or

Vertical design as opposed to a horizontal.

I have been researching a patent design for 3 freaking months and speaking to patent attorneys. going through the Patent database is a B***h :)

So I am snake S*** man that hurt, I just love these Power Now posts, I know me bad for stirring it up. But here is my official stance on the Power Now for anyone that cares :D

<ul type="square"> [*]I am and will be a skeptic until substantiated "SUBSTANTIATED" proved by an outside source it does what it claims

[*]This does not Include "I installed it I think its great"

[*]Or a Paid off write up in a dirt bike Rag with no True results but "It works Great" "Product of the year"

[*]I believe that users that have it feel it works

[*]I don't have one so I can not substantiate it works

[*]I have not ridden a Bike with one on, I can not substantiate it works

[*]I have no clue and love to stir things up with regards to Power Now :D

Like I said, I have no doubt that those that have installed the Power now feel a difference. I have a hypothesis as to why.

1: I think that people believe what they want to believe

2: I also believe in the aspect of suggested thought

3: I also believe in the placebo effect

here is a explanation

How many times have you placed a new item on your bike / car / boat or whatever, let it be a New Air filter, tire, jetting or handle bars.

With that was your very first impression

Wow what a difference in revving

Wow I can corner better go faster

when the basic fact is you are as fast as you always where

and the bike revved just the same. It made no difference in your ability but it felt that way because it was an anticipation or a quote on the air filter box 20 % air flow improvement.

Suggested Thought / Perception.

Well anyway thats my pot stir for the day

BTW I never said I hated the Power now

I doubt the Powernow Big Difference See Perception

Flame on :D

Hi EGO, I just posted a thread about the P***rNow, I made one earlier tonight, it owes me nothing, so I have no vested interest in saying it works because I dropped US$89.95 on it. If it is rubbish, I can remove it, and no harm done, but I will report back tomorrow after riding my regular tracks and let you know of any difference to power delivery, if there is any.....Chris.


I am constructing a special device for you called the PowerLater. It will allow you to save up all that extra unused power, and save it for later. Then you can unleash that extra saved up power. It calls for 2 parts toilet paper and one part duct tape. I am apply (stuffing) this into my carb bell as I write this. So far my calculations look quite promising. :):D

Not sure if it will appear at our test track or not, but a group of my riding buddies have a 3 mile off-road desert loop that we are riding at during these winter months. We all have our individual "Overall Best Time" around that loop, and I am heading back out there on Saturday. If any of my times comes in under 7:41, I know what I am going to attribute it to. If I come up longer than 7:41, maybe the this new device did nothing.

I have no problem with skepticism, but those who have them are not willing to give them up, and there is a reason for that.

Also, another thing that I think must be considered is that at this point, I feel any modification I do will only make an incremental change. Here is what I have recently done to my bike:

Race Tech Suspension

Lean Jetting (160 main air and fuel jets/40 pilot w/65 PAS EMM Needle)

YZ Timing

Wheel Collar Mod Limiting Accelerator Pump Squirt Duration (.33 second)

FMF PowerCore IV pipe

Gray Wire Disconnected

and James's version of the "PowerNow"

With that said, I am not sure of many other modification's out there. My bike is running damn good. I am not saying that this new mod is what is torching my back tire, but it is helping!

Let's see how long that Tera-Flex holds up to this beast now!

E.G.O. do you feel the same way about the BK mod or the grey wire ? Couldnt they also be in your head (I think thats what you were trying to say)

Gray wire did not work

GBmod yes it works I have dyno charts to prove it.

And its endorsed by OSHA and U/L

I even have a signed affadavit from Bill Clinton Swearing it works:D

Besides the GBmod is used by hundreds if not thousands satisfied customers and most of them are here on TT.

Were as I bet if you did a role call you would not hit 50 users here that have it.

but how do you know this post is real and your a dream. What if all life really is is a dream and one day we find out all we are is a cell in a bigger body.

Or what happens if we actually find out that we live life in revearse and nothing we do will change that.

What if we find out that dogs and cats really controll the world :)

I also believ that newbies should be seen and not heard :D

How is the power now any different from the testimonials you get by guys who install a new pipe? Even the dyno tests might prove no gain. The individuals will pick up something outside of the numbers. Does test equipment tell the whole story?

What if we find out that dogs and cats really controll the world

Ego, you been letting that cat poop eating dog get on the computer again? :)

This is completely out of line but

i agree with team oatmeal pie.

Also i would like to recommend we meet up with

POWER RANGER and see what they can do.


i was just wondering what you thought of those other mods you dont have to be an d--k about it.

I am actually very interested in the mod

for the do ityourself p**wer now.

Waiting to see how it works out for the other guys who did it.

Thinking of doing it if the thing really has a better response and all.

On the serious side i really dig and appreciate the feedback

everyone is putting in for this mod and i think its cool that everyone is sharing this

info with each other.

I Just had to be funny.

I do that sometimes.

Apologies all around


I hope i was not a D**K about it.

Peace Reddog99

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