need jetting help

i have an 05 wrf450 with a block off kit and a fmf factory 4 air box and such are cut. i ride in mojave desert so i wanted it jetted for that.just need suggestions on what jets i should run. my bike is popping and such right now so i just want it to run good. thanks in advance

I got the FMF factory 4 exhaust on my 05 wr450. Its going to pop a little. Don't let it bother you. You might be a little lean.

I run 48/168 jetting. I have the jd jetting kit with the red needle in the 3rd position. My bike runs good anywhere from 2500-8500 feet. I could probably dial it in better, but its been this way for a couple of years with no problems.

sweet man thanks. and ya i actualy meant the factory 4 pipe. my bad. haha

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