Weight of the WR 250F & WR 450F

Does anyone have a general idea as to what the actual weight will be for these two bikes. I saw

on 4 strokes only references to the 2002 models,

but do not know the weights of these bikes.

Thx MC !!!

On moto world they said yamaha shaved 13lbs off of the yz450, I guess the wr got the same treatment.

I don't know what the reported weights of 2002 years YZ 250F were, nor the WR 250F, nor the WR 426F. I am speculating the following, correct me if I am wrong.

YZ 450F - 234 lbs

YZ 250F - 219 lbs

WR 250F - 237 lbs

WR 450F - 261 lbs

Thx MC !!!

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