I have a few parts left

after stripping my pig for sale. Thanks Rokat88, Qadsan and Foobar! Here's what I have left if anyone is interested.

Devol Aluminum front disc guard - asking $40

SRC fork brace with fork guards - asking $150

14t XR's only case saver - asking $20

15t XR's only case saver w/new 15t front sprocket (never used) asking $35 for both

Eibach .47kg front springs - asking $60

Eibach 5.6kg rear spring - asking $60

Utah Sports Cycle skid plate (like new) - asking $40

Scotts SS oil filter (put in and never run) - asking $50

I'll pay shipping on all the parts. If someone wants all of it I'll take $400. Anyone interested please e-mail me at drc@davissmith.com



Going Orange! <font color="orange">

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