Something noticed about 450 cam in 426 engine

I put the 450 cam in my 426 today and it seems like the chain rides a little higher on the exhaust sprocket than it does the intake sprocket. Is this the result of the sprockets being slightly different or is there something wrong with the chain?

When I look at the cam chain as it lays across the exhaust cam sprocket in the picture at it seems like it does ride higher in the picture but I'm not sure. Any thoughts on this?

If you read the first, oh, say, 30 pages of this thread:'ll see that this is well known to those attempting this mod back in '02. Since that time, many hundreds of the cam mods have been done, and there have been no failures related to the slight difference in tooth profile between the two engines at all. None. It's nothing to worry about. But you should install a new chain, anyway, just because it's time to do it.

Thanks for the reassurance gray. I read those posts about the slight size difference in the sprockets but didn't realize that it would make a difference that was actually visible. Regardless, it runs and starts easily now.

Thanks again.

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