Budget hop up for a 450???

I was wondering if any one has tried the old 426 cams in a 450??? I know it would only work for someone who has taken out the electric start system and install the manual decompression system but the old cam are definitly hotter than the 450 cams in the upper range .

I think you may have a problem getting thin enough shims for proper valve clearance. The older cams have a much larger base circle. Frankly I think the '03 - '04 YZ cams are the most radical stock cams.

I installed the YZ cam in my WR

It made the bike run so good. Other than the pipe, it was the easiest thing to do that made a huge difference .

They should have sold the bike with that cam in it. The WR cam in my opinon didnt make it smoother to ride, it just made it run worse.

These bikes are so heavy, the more power my motor made, the easier it was to get it through the woods.

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